Failures during Software Testing Leads to Success of Software

Most executives of organizations believe software testing as epic failure of the software development process. For executives testing just is not failure rather it is something that has reached epic proportions. Like when a person tries to land safely after jumping on trampoline but does not, that is to fail. However, when a person crash-lands with a broken leg attempting the same thing, that is epic failure. The question that rises from above discussion is “why executives think testing as epic fail?”

When executives look at the accounts of getting a software developed from a development and software testing company, they conclude that testing as a cost center and not a profit center. The executives believe in spending their budget for something that directly contributes towards something that brings business. For them, telling that testing is just an overhead is easy. No matter how many people are following the phrase that “nobody wants to pay for testing,” it is significant to get testing done. Executives of organization consider waste of money to run Software testing programs rather they care about thing that will bring value to their product.

Therefore, rather than talking executives into testing software, it is more significant to frame the conversion in terms of QA process. Via this QA process, explaining non-technical executives the importance of testing in making product and bottom line gets easier. This also adds up to the point that how to tie software quality with increased revenue.

This thing is very clear that a software good in quality makes more sales unless that software is something that provides minimum results. For a tester the main aim is to raise the quality of a product breaking the entire bar so that it maximizes the revenue. Fixing thing sometimes costs a lot.

It is better to spend money in the on fixing the wrong things rather that delaying the release date of the software. Striking the balance between the desire of tester to build high quality software and the desire of executive to get software that gives best profit for the company is very important.

Several companies provide software testing services in India. However, very few of these companies provide value of money services to their clients. It is almost mandatory to be quite sure before availing software-testing services.

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