Why Manual Testing Is Preferred?

Manual software testing is one of the oldest and most meticulous variants of software testing. This testing method involves a tester, who is capable of performing manual test operations on the test software without seeking help from automatic testing.

For people outside the IT industry, manual testing services is a laborious activity, as a tester has to do everything without taking help from any tool. Not everyone can be a tester, to be a tester it requires to possess qualities like:

· To be patient · Resourceful
· Observant · Un-opinionated
· Creative · Skillful
· Innovative · Speculative
· Open-minded

Manual testing is also called as Eye Ball testing. Usually, this testing of this type carried out in Alpha software testing phase. This manual testing is most suitable for software applications with short life cycles. Some specific applications that have a GUIS of dynamic and unstable nature should also be tested, manually.

The startup cost of productive manual testing is very less time and money. No such automated testing exists that has the ability as human intuition, inference and inductive reasoning. Unlike manual testing, it is not possible to change the course in middle of the test run to inspect something that was not considered before in automated testing. The Quality Analysis testing can be used for both big and small software. At any point of time during the ongoing test run, we can update our any test case as per the project movement. Covering complete testing procedure in fixed limited amount is possible. For fresh graduates who entered in the testing field it is easy to learn. The manual QA testing method is more dependable than automated testing techniques. Automation is not capable to cover all test cases.

At the initial phase of project development, it becomes extremely difficult to accomplish testing via automated tools. Manually, testing is the only option when the application is still in the initial stage. Once, the software is in regression phase and stable then automating the basic functions can be done.

The experienced testers are capable of making multiple numbers of test cases on ad-hoc basis and with that; they could find bugs in no time. However, this is impossible in test automation. Most of defects are found only after conducting exploratory type of testing rather than going through usual test cases.

Several manual testing companies reside in India among which few of them are extremely outstanding in their services.

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