Android OS Made Way for Custom Mobile Applications

When few years back Google launched the dynamic Android OS it was sure that it will bring changes in the smart phone’s industry. However, the smart phone industry is revolutionizing since the landing of Android OS in the market. The demand for custom mobile applications has rose because of Android OS. In the global market of smart phone, the Android based smart phones accounts for one of the largest shares. Looking at the current demand most of the IT based software development company are including services of android application development. Firms are offering a variety of new services and solutions relating to android application. Every year since android, new trends are witnessed.

Some of the recent trends, which are significant for android developers:

  • Well there is no doubt in the fact that demand for multimedia and gaming applications has been substantial but in recent years rise in demand of Android based business applications have also been experienced. These business applications for android platform have helped application developers, stores and marketers to generated high revenues. With more people using android smart phones, the request for android applications will continue to attract attention.
  • In recent times, people have started to make payments using their android phones, which according to them is a reliable way. People are using mobile payments applications to pay bills or shop via mobile devices like phone or tablet. A significant increase of this trend is noticed. Almost every bank in world now let their customers to make transactions via mobile banking service.
  • Nowadays, android application development firms are making significant number of android applications for clients. The smart phone comes with the features like GPS and others leading to rise in target and relevant location-based content.
  • The users of android smart phones have several mobile applications to download. With so many applications in the market, it has become extremely difficult to market an android application. The app has to be out of box and engaging one to be popular among masses.
  • With emergence of cloud computing in the market, the demand for enterprise android applications has increased. In past few years, organizations have understood the significance of cloud- based services. Developers are developing applications that seamlessly work across complete range of cloud – private, public and hybrid. The applications save lot of money for the businesses.

Conclusion: The blog focuses on the evolution of android application development services and describes the new trends in android application development.

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