Embedded Systems To Make Life Easy

With invention of microcontrollers, embedded systems were born and since then it is evolving into various forms. Traditionally, machine control applications were designed later to that application for new verticals with the convergence of communications was made. Various types of embedded systems surround the life human life. Some of them are home theater system, smart phones, medical devices and sensors, portable players and automotive embedded technology. Nowadays, computing functions and convergence of communication into the above-mentioned devices is transforming the devices into complex systems. This has given a push to make and sell more powerful and energy efficient peripherals, processors, and other accessories.

The general perception is that embedded system project has everything to do with the electronics. However, it is a lot more than that. Embedded technology expands to special purpose sensors and actuators, digital and analog, software, mechanical items and many more. While Web designing and developing the embedded c programming challenges like space, cost, weight, and power consumption are very common now. The qualities people in current time look in embedded c programming are real-time responsiveness, low power, small physical form factor/footprint, ruggedness in design low thermal dissipation, impervious to external radiation and many more.

Achieving the prime requirements in the embedded system limits the resources of system like memory, display size, computing etc. With each passing day, two or more technologies are converging and several new functionalities are becoming the part of embedded devices. Most of these functionalities were part of the traditional computing platforms. In current scenario, people demands on functionality have raised and to market the time has decreased. This has generated a major decision challenge for the embedded system’s architect and product managers. Now, they have to select the processor, operating systems, standard of usage very carefully.

The systems application of modern days follows the pattern insight from the real life. These systems have grown to be more than the part of human life. The best example for this is significance of mobile phones in human race. Avoiding the presence of mobile phone is virtually impossible for all facets of human endeavor. The designers and developers search on patterns in different application spaces. This gives them the clear understanding of trends where embedded systems future is heading.

Just developing properly working new embedded system does not assure its success. Rather, it depends on the facts that how fast people can adapt to the changes, which are result of convergence between communications, nano, manufacturing and development of application.

Conclusion: The article discusses about the evolution of embedded system and what changes have occurred since its birth.

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