5 Worth Knowing Facts about SharePoint for IT People

Are you an IT professional and if your answer is yes then you should know about SharePoint’s 5 important things. To support big data, internet websites, and mobile users in better manner the 2013 version of Microsoft SharePoint in build upon 2007 and 2010. Several SharePoint development company are using these things to gain benefits. Many SharePoint development company are based in India. In this piece of content, I will be mentioning those things.

  • Your web presence gets better branding : There was a time when branding required involving complicated assets of designer, confusing packages process and style sheets but all this has turned much easier. With SharePoint’s assistance now, any web designer who is proficient in HTML, JavaScript and CSS will be able to brand a SharePoint site and create a public-facing beautiful site in very less time. This cuts the expenses of internal support along with reducing the cost of using SharePoint as platform for internet websites.
  • Improved way to host website that interfaces with public: Earlier, public website hosting on SharePoint 2007 was a hectic task. Later to that came SharePoint 2010, which made hosting easy but did not had full features compared to other platforms of same league. Now, the SharePoint 2013 has matured a lot. This new version of SharePoint platform is capable of serving pages on different devices like mobile, tablets, laptops etc. It also has numerous features for SEO, XML sitemaps, friendly URLs depending on the characteristics of devices. Different site collections rather than sites can alter SEO setting. Defining out of bound areas for search engine crawlers is supported by robots.txt.
  • Business intelligence is enhanced: In the SharePoint’s version of 2010, the platform provided business intelligence and big data reports, which later in 2013 version is enhanced. This latest SharePoint version offers the capability to dig deeper into business insights and analytics. Now, integrating more tightly SharePoint and Excel is possible. PowerPivot has gotten stronger in 2013 SharePoint allowing working with billions of rows and columns directly in memory. Other features and programs like Dashboard designer, Performance Point Services and Visio services can work together to paint the picture of any business’s health and metrics.
  • End-User training: A new feature known as “deferred site collection upgrade” allows a specific site collection having SharePoint 2010 code to run within SharePoint 2013 Product. This make it easy to test and maintain compatibility between applications built on SharePoint with any custom code.
  • More features making it better: With high usage of tablets and smart phones in current era, now an HTML5 coded view known as contemporary view is optimized. This feature supports speedy access on iOS, Blackberry, windows and android devices

Conclusion: This blog focuses on important aspects Of SharePoint 2013 new features that make it a strong platform to develop a public facing website.

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