Make You Mark in the World of Mobile Internet

There was a time when people used mobile phones to make and receive call or to exchange messages. Whereas, now accessing internet is as important as other activities done earlier via mobile phones, which is replaced by smart phone. Having an internet data pack is as important as talk time value. Usage of mobile internet is growing with an exponential rate of growth. To make your business shine and successes it is important for you to be aware of the latest guidelines for mobile website design and development so that you can improve the mobile user experience.

Here is the list of guidelines:

  • Less content for mobile Webpage: The amount of content is a webpage for PC contains is huge and it is not possible that the same content will fit onto the mobile webpage. As the screen size of the smart phone is relativity very small every pixel counts, it becomes necessary to decrease the amount of content that is to be displayed one the mobile-optimized version. While picking the content from the PC webpage only important features and contents are selected. The content that is placed on the right hand columns of standard PC webpage are not part of the main content area. Therefore, they are of low priority and are not a part of mobile webpage. Exclusion of several contents makes the mobile version focused. Simple, easy to read and move around website for mobile device loads quickly.
  • Best way to design website for mobile is single column layout: The width of the smart phones is not wide when compared to that of a PC screen making it difficult to view a standard webpage on mobile phones screens. In case of mobile website absence the webpage load up zoomed out in smart phones to fit the screen. To read the content viewers need to zoom in which is an extra effort, which irritates most of the users. Therefore, the solution for this is to add eth content downwards rather than growing widthwise.
  • Placement of navigation keys differently: Keeping the navigation keys at the top of the homepage screen along with site search is a good idea. However, it is important that top space should not be stuffed much as the layout of the mobile webpage has single column and more navigation or link at eth top with push the content down.

Conclusion: This blog highlights the significance of a website on mobile. For the mobile game design services in india and mobile website development of website the features which are to be included are also mentioned.

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