Testing Of Software Assures Its Quality

conforming if the standards, procedures and requirements are as expected by the clients. The job of the service provider offering software testing services is to test every product that accompanies the software, whether it is the associated data, supporting tools or even the documents.

Software testing is the process, which is packed with the motive of finding faults or errors during every phase of the software development. Nevertheless, the most crucial time is when the developer programs are executed to look if any error exists or not. Besides this, some other activities are performed to assess if any property or ability of the program to be tested is meeting with the requirements of the client. Unlike other systems software does not misbehave in only one or two ways in fact a software can fail in multiple and unexpected ways. The job of the software testing services in India is to dig out and reveal as many failure scenarios as possible before presenting it to the customer. However, seeing all the mistakes and faults in most cases is not a feasible option.

Unlike system apart from software where the defects occur in the manufacturing phase, in software the chances of committing errors is during the design phase. Software never wears out; it remains the same unless and until any upgrades are done or until it becomes obsolete. It is practically impossible to build a package with moderate size that is absolutely bug free. As the probability of errors or bug existence is directly proportional to the complexity of the software. Even expecting a completely bug free design of software would not be appropriate and human imagination does not go that deep to think of very case. In testing this should not come as a surprise that even a simple function as adding two integers of 32 bits, generates as much as 264 different test cases if exhaustive testing. Hundred years can be consumed in doing this only. I hope this design will give the idea that testing moderate size software is not a few days job.

Software testing is not a form that anyone can master in a few days it is an art that requires imaginative thinking and years of experience. With time as the technique to manage several tasks has a change, so has the testing practices differ from what was 20 years ago. A team of creative, intuitive and experienced testers along with them using the tools and proper techniques offers some software testing services in India. Testing is many times confused with debugging which is not the correct approach. Testing of software is done to find errors so that it could be adjusted to meet client’s expectations.

Conclusion: This blog discusses about the importance of software testing service and how it benefits. Some facts about the complete testing service are also mentioned here.

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