What Makes the Organizations Smart That Use SharePoint?

Before I give the answer to the question mentioned in the title, let me explain you “what SharePoint is and a bit about its evolution.”

SharePoint is a Microsoft product, which is an online web application. It came into the market in the year 2001 for the first time and since then, launch of several-updated versions of it keeps occurring. The IT firms got one more technology to work on when SharePoint came into the market. SharePoint development services in India are present one of the offerings of software companies. Initially, SharePoint helped with intranet, content and document management issues of the organizations. However, with recent releases of SharePoint its capabilities have broadened.

e. The interface of SharePoint is a lot similar to that of Microsoft’s office in addition; it is even closely integrated with the office suite. The web tools of SharePoint are designed in such a way that even non-technical users could use it with ease. This is one of the reasons “why so many businesses spread across different industries use SharePoint.” In recent times, several SharePoint development company in India has emerged as demand of SharePoint solution is raised.

Some other significant reasons for the preference SharePoint get from businesses are:
1. SharePoint provides a platform for people to collaborate their work in many ways, of which one is secure way because the collaboration platform is robust. The different ways in which people work together with the help of SharePoint Platform is very effective as it decreases the risks of IT and controls the cost.

2. SharePoint tools help in utilizing the data in several better ways. Some research was conducted to find how the data management feature of SharePoint is beneficial and following results came;

a. The healthcare industry of a country can save more than $300 billion dollars each year.

b. Shop retailers could increase operating margins by over 60% (by a survey)

c. In the process of product development and assembly costs manufactures are liable to gain up to 50% reduction.

3. Currently, we know that many organizations are using it, but supporting this with some stats would make help you understand better its high adoption rate.

a. In US among the Fortune 500 companies, 78% of them are utilizing it.

b. One person out of five working in Knowledge industry has access to SharePoint

c. On a daily basis almost 62%, information works use it

d. 32% of people using SharePoint do not feel that they are making full use of its capabilities.

Among several SharePoint Development company only a few provide excellent service and efficiently developed SharePoint solution, so choose wisely.

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