Web Application Development Discussion-PHP v/s ASP.NET


Commonly website development companies do not differentiate much between PHP and ASP.Net but for some common and uncommon scenarios for different type of tasks on which speed depends are explained below:

Web application has become the most significant gift that information technology has given to this world and people living in this world. From simple static web portal to complex application development services, every type is on the internet. Two very significant programming languages that are used to develop big and complex web applications and huge web sites are PHP and ASP.NET. Both these languages are very capable of supporting development of large web projects. Website software development company prefers these languages to use in their projects.

Here are few parameters to on which I will be comparing both languages

Scalability and maintenance

How scalable and easy to maintain a web project is, does not depends on whether PHP or ASP.net platform is used. On the other hand, factors that affect scalability and maintenance are coder’s experience, use of good coding practices, whether the framework being used is solid or not and how strictly guidelines and standards for coding is followed.

Pace and performance

Lot of important factors requires consideration when the pace at which a web application runs is to be measured. Therefore, calculating the speed of a programming language by analyzing the performance and speed of a website developed on it is not correct.

How fast a programming language will respond in an application depends on the kind of activity the web application developed will be performing. Some common and uncommon scenarios for different type of tasks on which speed depends are explained below:

1st common Scenario:

A very common task any web site or web application performs is to access the database, firing query to database and displaying the result via web server on the browser. In simple terms, the part of programming language is to interact with the database server and web server and this does not have much to do with the speed of the application.

2nd common Scenario:

Another common task a web application accomplishes is to access file system to find image file and send via the web server. Now also the programming language does not has much take on speed rather it depends on operating system more.

Because of these reasons website development company do not differentiate much between PHP and ASP.Net.

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