Internal Linking Must For Getting Higher Ranks In Google

Now a day, every single person owning a website for his/her business, to be on the top of the search engine ranking. It seems easy to optimize site and perform SEO on it by applying Google’s algorithms. There are more than 200 signals that are needed uplift a website from the 10th page of search engines to the 1st page. But it is not that much easier for everyone to perform all these 200 signals simultaneously and rank the website on to top.

There are many factors in SEO which helps in getting the desirable rank in the search engine. One of the factors that plays major role in increasing the rank of a website is the content. Content of a website is the key to success for getting a site visible in ranking. The content needs to be optimized according to the keywords and services that are being targeted. Apart from relevancy, internal linking to the content plays an important role in optimizing the content.

This article will help you to understand the importance of Internal Linking in a website and hopefully like many others the concept – why and how to use internal linking would be clear.

Why To Use Internal Linking:

People should focus on getting inbound links which help the crawler to know that the site have a trust on the site to which the link is pointing. These links help to increase the trust flow of the site and helps to increase page authority of the website. But people neglect the importance of internal linking.

When the crawler scans the pages of the site from where we have got these inbound links, it also comes to our website from those inbound links. But we overlook the fact that one of the important factors of ranking is the duration for which the crawler stays on our site and the number of pages it scans in that duration.

This task of engaging the crawler on the website and letting it scan most of the pages is fulfilled by internal linking. When the crawler gets a link on a webpage, it crawls the page where the link is pointing to and scans that page too. This process is like “voting for yourself”, where you link your own website’s pages on all the internal pages.

Internal links are valuable not just because it engages the crawler, but also because it helps to transfer the link juice internally and increasing their link authority.

How to Use Internal Linking:

Internal linking in the content of a web page should not be done only for engaging the crawler but also to help the reader. It is obvious that when a reader reads the content he/she gets one or more topics which they wants to read further. These points or topics act as the anchor texts of creating an internal link.

We should not target keywords within the content for applying an internal link. Our main target should be engaging the reader in our content which will improve the readers’ experience and make the content spread. The sharing of content through different users will increase the traffic of the blog. The popularity and traffic will automatically lead to increase the rank of the article in Google SERP.

Our main motive, while deep linking the website should be to improve the experience of our readers and this will automatically help in getting traffic and engaging the crawler on the website.

Internal linking is as important as getting inbound links from other sites because until and unless the link authority will be distributed between the pages it will be of no use.

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