Reasons To Switch From Websites To Mobile Applications

Vigorous technology advancement,has lead to growth in number of individuals using handheld devices like smartphones, tablets. When it comes to the choice of having a versatile website or a portable application, one needs to concentrate on their final objective of business.

In case of interactive game, mobile app is the best option but if you want to develop or provide the user a mobile friendly content then mobile website will probably be the best option to choose. It is sensed that the mobile website is the first step for any business to make their presence on the web but one can directly opt for developing a mobile app without having any website preference.


Both the mobile website and mobile app has its own particular importance over each other. The mobile website has broad accessibility, compatibility, easy to upgrade and cost-effective. While mobile apps, they are interactive, useful for targeting a particular user and can solve the complex calculation through the data entered or saved by the user.

Focusing on these points, if you need to give the user an application that works more like a PC program and superior to anything a typical website,then opting a mobile application will be wise decision.

Increment In The Number Of Global User

Over the past year data, it’s been signified that the number of service oriented mobile apps are expanding quickly in comparison to various other app categories such as game apps. There was a session growth of 76% in the number of mobile apps usability in the year 2014. Especially of the apps developed for the iOS and Android.

This enormous change has been observed in e-trade industry or the e-commerce industry, which started launching their start-ups in mobile only. Mobile app has become the sole driver for e-commerce industries.

Why to Switch?

The switching of business from the mobile website to the mobile application development is necessary for giving a better vision of business with flexibility. To generate the revenue as profitable ;they must care about what the user actually desires for? As the mobile users growth rate is increasing vigrously, one ought to change to the portable application plan for their business.

There are some specific reasons why users are ultimately moving towards the mobile application:

Better Graphic User Interface: A custom application let’s the user feel that the application running has been developed according to the mobile device he is using and fulfills all the needs in which a website may lacks. Websites are best for bigger screens such as laptops, PC’s and tablets.

In spite of the fact that it is not so difficult to make a responsive website additionally for little screen yet it feels like something missing.

Better Control of Navigation: Mobile app provides navigation facility which is much more user friendly and improves the experinece of the user. Along with that the pinch and zoom facility is accessible to make the web perusing even more simple without much exertion. User can closely control over the data display and collection with less frustrating experience.

Less Chance of Click-out: Mobile app are generally focused on the single purpose and engage the user with fitting data while in case of website, they loose traffic when user click on the link, Sometimes or mostly they started leading off to other websites.

For Business: The mobile app demonstrated significantly more joined with the e-commerce business yet in real it is appended with all kind of business. According to the top perception, the mobile, smart phones, tablets are becoming a priority to the individual’s work and play. So for the instant benefit, the business needs to utilize the application design through the versatile workforce, which can prompt give back the most extreme income for your business globally.

If you want your business to have double-digit growth, which is notable by switching from a website to mobile application is sensible decision.

To compete with the global advancement of technology, Shriv Commedia is also moving towards the modernity of new generation. Better solution with enhanced equipment and adaptability is actually the most important goal of our development expertise.

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