Make Your App Discoverable in App Store

The ultimate goal of creating or developing an app is to get it downloaded millions of time and always be on the top of the category in app store to which your app belongs. To make this possible we need to focus on App Store Optimization (ASO). To make your app to be the one which is downloaded the most ASO is a must.

Many people refer ASO same as SEO which is somewhat true. But the key difference is we just don’t our App page traffic to be increased but instead we want it to be downloaded. The key point similarity between ASO and SEO is that making an app visible for certain keywords and make them discoverable in front of people who relevant and loyal people who will not only visit your app page but will download the app. Our main target is conversion and not traffic,as that’s the reason why the mobile app was developed.

To optimize your app page for more downloads and getting discovered by genuine users; there are some aspects that would help you to be on the top of Millions of apps in app store.

The following list contains the factors that would help you to get more downloads and genuine traffic.

  1. Keyword Research: This part is same as SEO. Use specifically designed tools such as Sensor Tower and App Annie to find out the most relevant keywords that your app page should include. The point that needs to be kept in mind is keeping a balance of the competition, search volume and trend of the keywords. Some keywords are worth competing, but we need to choose our battle wisely.

Always remember most organic traffic to your app page will come from the app store. Therefore give it all you’ve got.

  1. App Description: Doing a keyword research is great to be on the top of Google and Apple Appstore. The app store algorithm will surely make your app page discoverable but those who actually read your app description and decide whether to install your app are human. Therefore stuffing your app description with keywords is terrible but yet very common approach for ASO.
  1. App Logo: Focus on the logo of your app. Make sure your logo is appealing and stand out from the millions of apps present in the store. The logo is the first thing that is observed by users, it should give a sense to the user of what the app is all about.
  1. Screen Shots: A Screen shot is the part that needs more focus and should be chosen wisely. Many people out there just display the simple screen shots that too in any order. A screen shot should focus on the main function of the app and what problem of the user would be tackled by using this app. People should also try to tell a story through their screenshots.
  1. Video Trailer: Video trailer is widely used with games. If you are investing in resources for creating a vide trailer we suggest you to put it in front of Apple. Apple doesn’t follow strict guideline for approving a short footage of video. Your app footage doe not only tells the user what the app can do but also tells the creative mind behind developing the app.
  1. Competitive Research: Always keep your competition under close observation. Perform research on why they are discoverability is more than yours, you can get some keywords that are missing and can be beneficial for your when targeted.
  1. Reviews and Star Ranking: The keywords can only make your app discoverable. The reviews help the user to examine the experience of previous users. The review section on Google store is very visible and prominent. Make sure you highlight the positive review and reply against the negative one.
  1. App Name: App name should be catchy, easily memorable, and informative and should describe the app. Including a keyword in the title will reflect great result for your app page. With strict character limitations in Google play store and unpredictable approach in Apple’s app store, finalizing an app name is a big challenge. Don’t focus mainly on making a title that sounds attractive and fun, but try to think and research how it can influence ranking.
  1. Category : Choosing the right category for your app will influence the ranking of app in that arena. Choose the right category based on not only what is most relevant but also based on the competition and revenue generated. Apple has introduced sub categories section from IOs 8 which gives the developer a chance to make his app more discoverable.
  1. Analytics : ASO is a hit and trial method which you always need to do for staying at the top. Analyze the effects of the changes that you have done, track your traffic optimize your results. All the factors will just help you to start but ASO is a never ending process.

To get more downloads for your apps think it as a storefront and always try to make your customers happy and provide genuine products.

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