5 Important Factors for Android App Development

Today’s market is full of Android apps; it might appear as a piece of cake to lay person in regards to Android app development but creating apps that are widely popular such as Angry Birds, Temple Run for instance is not an easy task. There are multiple factors that should be kept in mind while developing an Android app. To help you to create your desired Android app, we have put together list of some important factors that we believe is required in the process.

Understanding and Locating the Common Problem

As developer you should understand the “pain points” that are experienced by people. Understand and locating this point is one of the most essential thing. There are some questions that you need to ask yourself before starting with anything else.

  1. What is needed by people to run their lives and business smoothly?
  2. What kind of tools will help in a significant manner?
  3. Do they require more management or skills round them, or can your app fix these issues?
  4. The app that is being created, what exact problem it is solving?

Identifying the need of people and what we are addressing to is the top most essential factor that should be considered before you start creating an app. If you have answers to all the above questions then you are all set to start your path in creating an Android app.

Providing Solution to the Identified Problem

Once you identify the “pain points”, build up ideas to create an app that could solve all the difficulty faced. For instance, Mint an iOS app is doing great in the market. It is so because it has successfully provided multiple ways to move, deposit, transfer and manage money. And in the app gained trust of the users and became successful.

Help People to Save Time and Money

As mentioned above if you have helped people to save time and money, you have created a wonderful app that has high demand. Your app is likely to get desired attention and downloads.

Keep It Simple Silly

An Android app created should be simple to use, it should not be developed in such a way that only a techie could use it. The approach of creating the app should be such that users of all ages could understand it easily. You should always keep in mind that you are developing an app to solve the difficulties faced not to add a problem to an existing one. Making an UI that is simple to use is again a vital factor in keeping the app simple.

Make The App Interesting To Use

Lastly but one of the thing that you should not oversee is making the app interesting. It may be possible that the android created app is for professionals or only for a particular kind of service. But you should always try to make it interesting to use, so that people visit your app back and is used in long run.

These key factors will surely helpyou in the long run of creating Android apps. One can also check our blog on things to consider while developing a mobile application.


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