Common Mistakes in Digital Marketing Approach

Digital Marketing is not a big thing – it’s the biggest revolution in any industry. With the adaptation of digitalization on such a large scale, digital marketing has become an important part of marketing strategy for any business. The pace at which every business is going online and every business is adopting digital marketing. It’s true that digital marketing can increase your customer number from 100 to 1 million in just few months. But there are certain points at which people lack and fail to get results.

With the correct approach and strategy digital marketing can help you to hit millions of new customers for your business but can generate no conversions. Many company managers and owners try to practice digital marketing on their own but mostly fail because of some key points that they over look. So here we will discuss about the four most common mistakes due to which people do not get great results.

  1. Not Being Mobile Friendly

We all know the pace at which people have switched from desktops and laptops to mobile. According to Google’s Consumer Barometer in 2015 92% of consumers that are under 44 years of age go online every day in which 4 out of 10 people use smart phones. Now having a website only compatible with the desktop is not enough. One has to make website mobile friendly, if not then you are losing a huge opportunity.

  1. Not Tracking the Traffic

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing is that now you can keep record of your customers and can know from where are they are coming and what are they looking for. Tools such as Google Analytics help to analyze the traffic and let you know how many conversions you got, what the user did after landing on your website. You know what is working and what is not and if you are not tracking this then you are working blind.

  1. Not Adapting the Social Media Trend

Social Media Marketing is an important part of digital marketing. It can help to target a large audience relevant to your business. Regular posts, updates and reviews on your business page can help you to earn large number of genuine customers.

  1. Having No Plan At All

Probably the biggest mistake is having no plan t tall. You should know what you want to achieve, what’s your target how to you are going to achieve it. If you avoid these mistakes mentioned you are halfway there!


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