Android- The Most Liked Mobile Platform

In almost 190 countries all over the world, hundreds of millions of mobile devices are running on platform Android. With every new day, millions of mobile phone users for the very first time power up their Android devices and experience the world of apps, games, and digital content. This mobile platform is growing at a very fast rate and it is the largest installed base in mobile devices, currently. Android is a great choice of platform for creating apps and games as most of the users use Android based devices. Being an open platform, android application development is easy. This platform offers an open marketplace for developers to distribute the application, instantly.

On contributions of open-source Linux community Android building, takes place. Apart from this, more than 300 varieties of hardware, software and carrier partners is required in building Android, which has become fastest growing operating system for mobile. Studies reveal that more than 1 million people start using android device all over world.

The directness of android phone is the reason behind it being consumer and developer’s favorite. It has huge ability to consume apps. Statistics show that every month more than 1.5 billion people accessing android download applications and games from Google play. Experts in office of android with their partners are putting all their efforts to push the boundaries of hardware and software forward to incorporate new capabilities for the users and developers, continuously. These innovations in this operating system allow android application development to build powerful, differentiated applications using latest mobile technologies.

Why developing applications for android is advantageous:

  • Powerful development framework

Android offers a powerful development framework via which optimizing a single binary for multiple devices like phones, tablets, and other devices gets easy. This platform provides developers everything they require to make an app that has best in class experience. Android has a single application model that enables developers to deploy the app extensively to billions of users on any devices.

Eclipse android development gives the developers tools to create apps. These tools help to build aesthetically great apps. Other tools let developers to utilize the hardware capabilities that every device has to offer. The application on eclipse adapts the user interface as per the device to gives the best look possible along with maximum varieties of control over UI on different devices. For example, optimizing one single app binary for both phone and tablet which possible.

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