Why Outsourcing Software Project to India is wise decision?

Years ago, people used to cerebrate that outsourcing is a jeopardous thing and very few companies used to outsource their software development projects to India. But now days, it is very mundane and has become essential for business sustainability. It is now considered as a mainstream business strategy across the corporate world. There are a number of reasons abaft this magnification and acceptance of outsourcing. Let’s take a visual examination on some of them.

Cost – Why to hire a local resource with $120-150/hr when you can get a resource in quarter of this price from abroad. This is the main reason behind project outsourcing. As compare to other countries, Indian’s software developer’s hourly price is much lesser which is the main reason countries abroad to India is getting inclined towards Indian developers. Who doesn’t want to reduce software development project cost?

Quality – The Indian companies believe in delivering quality work, meeting all international standards and have potential to deliver services impeccably.

Fixate On Core Activities – Team which company will opt to work on its software development would be mainly focused on the task which you have assigned which in turn emerges as efficient performance, excellent work quality and timely project completion.

Operational Control – To commence a project from your company premises would make you invest lots of mazuma on infrastructure, plenarily functional work space would be required, bandwidth, telephone, operational cost, expert local team for software development etc Overall it would become very expensive. So, abroad companies prefer to outsource software development to India coz of its proven successful software project delivery track record.

Extensibility and Diversity – If you optate some custom software development you can outsource your project and it will get completed in a month or may in few weeks, so you need not to sign any long term contract. When companies opt for offshore development, they have rights to probe for expertise and can divide immensely colossal projects among multiple vendors. Suppose, if you need software solution and managed services for developed software solution, then you have liberation to sign two different contracts with two different vendors. There are two benefits of short term contracts and division of work. First benefit, you are hiring best team for the right work and secondly, short-term contracts always help in reducing overall project development cost.
Indian Government Aiding IT Growth – Indian government has pro – IT policies, which engenders more interest towards outsourcing software development to India. The regime has proven itself as a great support for software organizations by facilitating all the required facilities for an outsourcing company to flourish thus playing a major role in contributing to the prosperity and salubrity of IT projects in India.

Being a part of Shriv commedia, India’s one of the leading software development company in India, we do believe that it’s a wise decision to outsource software projects to India to make the win-win situation for both companies because we “Indian” believes in customer satisfaction, quality assurance, hard work, commitment and delivering project on time. Shriv commedia invites you to give us a chance and we will show you – “We do what we say”.


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