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    Embedded ServicesThe challenge is that many embedded applications are developed with a limited view of the need for long term reusability, yet almost all organizations can benefit by establishing a development framework that provides a high degree of platform independence and which facilitates reusability. The benefits are not only future proof embedded software components, but also long-term improvements in quality and reduced development time. Commedia has the experience in providing embedded solutions with in-depth understanding of the business outcome as well as the technology implications. We are providing all types of software development services focusing on innovative techniques and project modeling, mainly. We make sure to choose the best technology for deployment and designing of the products by following all phases of a best in class development life cycle. The innovative techniques have helped us deliver feasible solutions to our clients with the focused approach on application functionality. Our cost-effective and efficient solutions range from mobile application development, vehicles, to human framework. Embedded Solutions provide the precise technologies to the companies according to their specific needs. In fact, it is empowering companies to maximize productivity and efficiency in the market. It is providing the right solutions with the help of suitable technology products.

    The real-time development tools and products are bringing highly integrated hardware and software solutions. The services of these products are ranging from connectivity solutions, development suites, hardware subsystems, middleware solutions, protocol analyzers and many others to support the debugging, designing and development procedures. You can take the many advantages of these applications for successful execution of business tasks. We have many examples of embedded solutions we have provided clients over time. Here is an example of a user who used our services to their benefit.

    TS-Express: Our Company is a leading software development company, which has recent experience in GPRS tracking system is for vehicles surveillance. This application shows the immediate movement of the vehicle and displays the exact location of the vehicle.


    Some of the features of the Application Include:

    • Proper management of different devices with grouping
    • Detailed user information
    • Administration of user authorization levels
    • Speed-dial button set-up
    • Dashboard facilities
    • Facility of online global mapping
    • Effective arrangement of devices from group definitions

    Find-Me: This project carried out by our company involved working on web data grabber.

    Our Project Work Includes:

    • Find-Me application allows the access to web browser.
    • Provide facility to stop download of individual page without cancellation of complete download series.
    • Easy downloading of web page ranging from a single page to an entire website.
    • Automatic translations of the URL’s that refer for downloaded pages.
    • Downloading images with the web page.
    • Automatic downloading of different file types (like ‘.zip’ or ‘.sis’ files).
    • Encoding of site configuration for later accessibility.
    • Allow to create directory tree on local machine to match downloaded website.

    Experts in Commedia are using the best innovative designing ideas and skills to design high quality products at reliable cost. The cost-effective and more efficient embedded solutions are providing to the users by using innovative technological tools.

    If these services are of interest to you, contact us. We will get back to you soon.

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