Effectively managing your workforce is one of the integral functions of the payroll management service within an organisation. We provide a one-stop solution with Payroll Management System software. This user-friendly software development application helps you manage your payroll, create, customise, edit and organise all your employee’s financial records.
The use of this software provides flexibility by creating salary structures, salary heads, pay slip generation, professional tax slab and salary formulae.
Our solution is user-definable, easily accessible, fully customizable and intuitive to use. You can easily record and generate employee's payment details, allowances, deductions and wages for a specific period. It will capture the complete details of employees, such as personal details, family details, education details, qualification together with an official employee profile. This is a cost-effective solution that will meet all your needs and requirements.

Features of Payroll Management System are...

  • Employee record management
  • Generate and record employee salary details
  • Create records of working days, annual leave & sick leave
  • Generate application solutions for wages, deductions and benefits
  • Accurate and fast calculation of earnings, contributions and deductions
  • Generate pay slips of employees
  • Customization facility of employment reports to suit the needs
  • Attendance monitoring and data interface processing
  • Analysis and email reimbursement payslips
  • Fast computation of TDS certificates, handling and processing PF & ESI

This solution provides the best support system to an organization to complete payroll procedure with the best software solutions.