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    Real tangible benefits

    Custom Software Development CompanyThe offshore outsourcing of custom software development has become increasingly important for the global IT industry. During the past decade, offshore application and systems development has steadily gained credibility and acceptance among many US and European enterprises as a viable cost effective, high-quality alternative to traditional development options. At Shriv ComMedia Solutions, we are entirely focused on providing quality Offshore Application and system development. We provide a number of tangible benefits: Lower labor and overhead costs |Faster time-to-market |High-quality final deliverables | Just-in-time access to relevant skill sets and overall staffing needs | "Follow the sun" support model

    Myths from the past

    The topic of off shoring created many headlines and heated debates around the world in the late 1990s. Some say the attention was the result of the media and political rhetoric, while others say economic pressures for efficiency and cost cuts put outsourcing in the foreground. In fact, both played a part, and outsourcing is now a normal way of doing business for many organizations, regardless of geography and industry. Offshore outsourcing is here to stay.

    Offshore is part of realistic business strategy today

    Offshore software development has become a part of business strategy. So why is it that more and more companies are moving towards outsourcing their IT development needs? To start with, low cost of development is one of the most beneficial factors of outsourcing with Shriv ComMedia Solutions. Secondly, offshore software development companies have become noticeably productive, effective, and agile. Our clients over the last decade will give reference to that.

    Outsourcing your software development with Shriv Commedia will give you an opportunity to focus back on the core issues of your business. You can spend your time reallocating capital investments | Outsourcing with Shriv ComMedia Solutions is a great way to gain access to wider knowledge base and professional resources| When you have a stringent deadline, outsourcing to Shriv ComMedia Solutions can remarkably reduce your time to market.

    Outsource to reduce cost

    When you fall short of efficient and expert resources in your area, the best way to deal with it is by outsourcing your software development project to us. It is a great way to get a large pool of resources for minimum costs. We are seeing that outsourcing can save 20 to 40% of your total expenditure on your software development production cost. Following are the areas where you can cut down on your investment.

    Labour cost

    When you outsource your IT requirements to us, you save around 40% to 80% of your investment on the project.

    Variable cost

    Now you do not have to worry about the fixed salary that is a must-pay to employees working for you. Off shoring to Shriv ComMedia Solutions gives you an opportunity to hire professionals for variable costs, depending on the work they are doing.

    One time investment

    Now you do not have to make recurring investments on training resources to work on your project or setting up new infrastructure. Just outsource it to Shriv ComMedia Solutions and are done with one time investment according to the size and requirement of your project.

    Free up your capital

    Off shoring to Shriv ComMedia Solutions is a great way to free your capital from regular expenditure on infrastructure and IT set-ups. Now outsource your IT requirements to us and use the capital for other investments.

    Focus on business and customers

    Outsourcing your software development requirements frees you from all related responsibilities and gives you ample time to focus on your business objectives and retaining your customer base. Off shoring allows you to use your time for strengthening the marketing and sales of your company and focus on business development.
    There are also other benefits you reap from IT outsourcing

    Now you can work on your strengths and gear up for the tough competitive market.

    • Once free from software development responsibilities, you can use your time branding your company and marketing for it.
    • You can now focus on the efficiency and performance of your business processes.
    • Provide extensive services to your customers and retain customer base.

    Outsource your software development projects to us and concentrate on your core business processes while we take care of your IT requirements.

    Meet deadline with reduced time-to-market

    Outsourcing is a great way to cut down on the IT production cost and hit the market with final product, in reduced time. This not only helps you to save on overall expenditure and invest it on your other business requirements, but also takes your product to the market before the competition starts. The large pool of workforce and IT infrastructure that Shriv ComMedia Solutions can provide off shore and onshore helps to get your product developed within a short span of time for minimum cost.

    Large resource pool and technical expertise

    We have a large experienced pool of resources and technical expertise to deal with your toughest software development requirements. At Shriv ComMedia Solutions, we take our job seriously, and try to keep improving to provide you best development and testing services. The best part about outsourcing to us is that you do not have to spend much to avail these services. In addition, the job is done in a planned and reliable manner. We have been doing this for our clients for over a decade.

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