Video Testimonials

When I came on to Shriv ComMedia Solutions one year ago, I came as a disgruntled customer who had just wasted several tens of thousands of dollars and over three years of my time trying to utilized US based software writing companies. I have developed a very complex and unique product and I knew that the infrastructure for the first phase would require a minimum of one-year development time. Atul assured me that we could have a working “Proof of Concept” product within one year with no problems. I didn’t believe him. Three weeks later, I had an actual portal with the skin of my project … this was more than all the US companies combined had done for me in three years. Today, I have a fully functional, beautifully crafted and expertly integrated infrastructure “Proof of Concept”, on schedule, on budget and OMG. Shriv ComMedia Solutions is amazing! I am so looking forward to our next three years of continued development and growth.

Charlie R. Pierce / President / LeapFrog Training & Consulting

ITCAMSS Inc. has enjoyed a professional relationship with Shriv Commedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (http://www.commediait.com/) of New Delhi India for more than one year. We have found them highly qualified and capable of taking on any complex software development project. We intend to continue working with them as a member of our Resource team and can highly recommend them to others.

Dr. Jan G. Otterstrom,C.E.O. ITCAMSS Inc.

Without any reservation, my experience with Atul Kumar and his is team at Shriv ComMedia Solutions has been nothing short of brilliant. After weeks of extensive due diligence and contacting dozens of App Developers from around the world and researching their experiences and capabilities, my decision to select Atul and his team was the one of the greatest business decisions that I have made. Not only have Shriv Comm Media Solutions delivered a world class leading app on Android and iOS platforms, the innovation and processes that they have introduced in the delivery of the completed technology has sent a benchmark in my industry that is unprecedented and will set the standard for years to come. It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Atul Kumar and his team. I look forward to our continued relationship for the future as my company expands it's technology into new global markets that will require further innovation and development by Shriv Comm Media Solutions.

Mo Elkhishin, Director Innovision Group of Companies Pvt Ltd