Why And When Your App Need An Update

Monday, September 25th, 2017

There are various valid reasons to update your app after the initial launch. Fixing problems and bugs tracking and resolve are some of the primary motivation. It is one of the great way to stay connected with their users.

Regularly updating your app will help you in reminding the one that might not have used for a while.

Why an app need an update?

There are various reasons of updating an app you need to be aware about:

Upgraded features – These are mainly based upon the type of an app and how aggressive you are with rolling out features. Larger features take more time to code and test before release. Larger features should be saved for new releases along with the new feature that only takes a few weeks to implement.

Bug fixation- The bugs need to be resolved whenever they are necessary. It doesn’t make sense to fix multiple bugs at one time and sometimes add a new feature in an update for the app stability. If you have a bug that is continuously affecting the user’s working it needs to be fixed right away.

New Release and OS updates- If you are going to launch a new version and update some parts of an app then it takes a lot of time and planning that’s why major updates should be planned in advance. Even if you are planning for the new release you need to engage the current users also and never ignore bugs. Whenever any operating system is planning a major release you need to have your own update to deal with the bugs and stability.

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