Google Planning to Create Hybrid App Stores

Monday, November 19th, 2018

Google has become an integral part in a common man’s life and business processes. Using an android phone for communications or to look for a required business listing on the top search pages, Google seems to have making life easy and quick.

This preferred search engine has helped in creating a virtual world encouraging several business ideas. Among many, android app development services have resulted in increasing revenue of the outsourcing companies in India. According to an internet survey, android has already captured a market share of 40% in compare to iOS and others. With this data, android app developers are widening their expertise in native and hybrid app expansion segments.

Users need mobile applications to check weather conditions, traffic jams, maintain their daily tasks and schedules, calendar, for communications, banking purposes, news information, etc. Every industrial sector be it manufacturing, services, retail and trading are requiring such mobile software to stay in touch with their vendors and customers.

A mobile application is developed using native or hybrid technology. There are three major platforms namely iOS, Windows and Android available in the industry. When software is programmed particularly for iOS, Android or Windows, it is said to a native. Whereas, when something is created that is not restricted to any three of the platforms called hybrid.

As mentioned, native is meant for a particular platform; hence, cost involved in development is always at the higher side in comparison to hybrid. Big IT companies like IBM and Adobe are encouraging hybrid app development solutions. Such apps can run on each of the platform significantly. Applications built on the said technology require a moderate budget. It can stay on Apple Store, Google Play Store, or Microsoft Store.

There are 2 millions mobile applications available and every year billions of apps downloaded by the users. The applications built with the flexibility to work on any given platform will encourage users’ for usability. Google seems trying hard to shelter hybrid apps in Google Play Store. Researchers are assuming this step of Google will expand the apps era.

A native programming includes Objective C for iOS and JavaScript for Android. And, hybrid requires HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Top 5 advantages of hybrid apps development:

  • A moderate budget
  • Quick development
  • Compatible to all Stores (Android, iOS, Windows)
  • Updates are easy to upload
  • Increases users and preferences

However, tuning a software program to work on Android, Windows and iOS; may not produce a desired result. Changing or meeting the codes’ requirements according to the platform may slow down the accessibility and limit the operating system’s default features. The perfect amalgamation of native apps with their dedicated OS is not found in hybrid mobile applications.

This technology requires further enhancement, research and development to beat the ‘native’ solutions. IT outsourcing companies have these critical challenges to meet in hybrid app development services. Integrating artificial intelligence in mobile app arena is trending. Now, Google is planning to create hybrid stores in each of the platform. There would be an interesting competition is set to begin in technology factories.

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