Inabilities behind ERP Solution & Implementation Failure

Tuesday, November 27th, 2018

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) is engaged in providing ERP software development services and ERP software solutions to the clients.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a powerful system in business operations. It has helped in reducing cost and time along with monitoring performances-live. The platform has also helped in taking beneficial data-driven decision by the enterprises.

An organization has several departments such as finance, human resource, manufacturing, supply chain, services, sales, etc. Every business unit has its own data and resources used for business operations. Such decentralized data create several issues when further planning or development of a business is concerned. In such decentralized environment, there are issues related to inventory management, data maintenance, material & resources, labor cost, data duplication, and data sync within the different departments.

The platform, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides a single system that comprises of a centralized data processing. All business units work under a single data system that enhances the efficiency of the organizations. It assists top management executives in planning, visualizing, and analyzing the company’s growth without encountering a data error. The platform allows a perfectly sync in data management system that helps in cost reduction.

ERP has constantly matured over the period of time. Now, the need of integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning in latest ERP systems is already in demand. It is expected that AI and machine learning amalgamation would enable newly developed Cloud ERP platforms to make smart decisions in comparison to legacy ERPs.

Enterprise prefers implementing ERP solutions as it helps in increasing ROI and curb overheads expenses and streamline mismanagement within business units of a company or an organization.

Every business has its own uniqueness and requirements. Therefore, the implementation of tailor-made ERP software solutions is required to achieve precise business results. But this excellent platform comes with some challenges during the implementation.


Inappropriate customization of ERP software

Developing custom ERP software for an enterprise requires a good amount of time. The development team requires studying the different business units’ operations and processes in depth. It is a time consuming exercise that requires potential and skilled developers’ team. Failing to obtain any critical info from a business unit will result in data mismatch and failure during the ERP implementation.

Insufficient testing

Once the custom ERP software is ready, it is the time for testing team to check, scrutinize and drive it through significant paths to make it bug free. Testing the tailor-made application on different technical parameters helps in optimizing its functionality. Testing plays an important role in making the implementation a success. A dedicated team equipped with advanced tools and strategies can ‘ONLY’ deliver bug-free software having an excellent functionality.

End-user training

An end-user requires a user-friendly interface that can saves his/her time. Users require custom software ready-with easy-to-operate board/panel. Once, this task is accomplished then only a good training can be offered to the staff. Forcing the staff by an ERP development company to learn a complex system delivers below average results in implementation.


Quality software is built after weeks of research, designing and development. Moreover, testing the custom software on various platforms to make it bug-free and needs a serious planning by the team. Hence, ‘value-to-money’ budget is required to assure quality, and on-time delivery of the solutions.

Solutions for a successful ERP deployment…

A client must look for:

  • A dedicated ERP software development services in India having years of ‘quality’ experience.
  • Team managers who have developed critical and exclusive custom ERP solutions for various clients.
  • A company that has several years of experience in developing custom software, and a team equipped with required tools to test and optimize functionality of the custom ERP software.
  • And, a moderate budget that can satisfies both. (An ERP development company and a client).

This platform is growing rapidly and integrating technologies like AI and machine learning has become a need of the hour. Therefore, the ERP solution providers need to do a proper research and should have understanding of domain verticals for a successful ERP implementation.

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