Google Integrates Artificial Intelligence in Android 9 Pie

Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

Why Android 9 Pie is different from other OS versions?

Google’s version Android 9 Pie is empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI). The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the OS version will power the users’ experience on the Android operating system. Moreover, the search engine is trying to protect its users from health issues caused due to excessive use of smartphones. The new version is embedded with AI that informs users about the time spend on their mobile phones. The all-new dashboard is designed to assist mobile users recognize how much time they are spending on each app. The new feature ‘app-timer’ sets the limit on the time spent on specific apps by the users. Unless a user overrules the function, Pie locks out the user from the running apps.

This feature-rich update is trying to uplift the users’ experience on their phones. Pie is making the mobile phones more personal, efficient, and easier to use. It is coming with subtle design improvements and helpful shortcuts. Such updated-version focused on AI is creating opportunities for the mobile apps development companies in India. Pie comes with Wind Down mode. This feature fades the screen into grayscale at night. To prevent people from staying awake at night, there is Do Not Disturb mode that mute all notifications during the sleeping hours.

Developing Android 9 Pie focusing on AI is the Google’s initiative of Digital Wellbeing.

Here are impressive features of Android 9 Pie listed below:

  • Adaptive Battery

Adaptive battery feature ensures that applications that are needed by the users can only consume the battery. This increases the power-back of the battery in-between the charges.

  • Adaptive Brightness

Smartphone users having Android 9 Pie loaded are admiring the adaptive brightness feature. Derived from app’s consumption (adaptive battery), AI adjusts brightness of screen according to the users’ preferences and environment.

  • App Slices

Best applications get even faster and useful. App Slices – pop-ups the relevant parts of mostly used apps by creating interactive snippets. These snippets are made available in different places.

  • App Actions

It one of the Google’s important attempts in AI-integration. It learns the pattern of using an app by the user. Accordingly, Pie predicts the use of an app at any particular time and an action from within the app too. Companies engaged in Android apps development services can take this feature as an example. The demand for integrating such intelligence in custom mobile apps development is going to trend soon. This will enhance the users’ experience on other Android versions too.

  • Improved Navigation

Pie offers a single home button keeping in mind the taller displays and higher aspect ratio. One click navigation assist people get easy accessibility to all mobile applications.

  • Stringent Privacy Measures

To protect privacy and data, Pie offers a robust security features to empower encryption of Android backups with a client-side secret. It comes with biometric authentication prompt that restrict access to phone’s microphone, camera, and other sensors. It also provides protective web communications and offers private web surfing.

Clients that have opted for custom mobile apps development integrated with artificial intelligence are reaping the rich benefits, and finding their efficiency and revenue has gone up multifold.

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