Impact of Big Data in ERP Software Development Solutions in India

Monday, December 17th, 2018

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is centralized business process management software. Organizations are implementing ERP to optimize cost, time and resources. Developing a custom ERP software solutions require in-depth data analysis for building a perfect user-friendly interface. With the entry of Big Data systems into enterprise resource planning, the customers and managers are expected to receive smarter platform delivering precise results.

Oracle, SAP and Apache Hadoop is already in the process of integrating Big Data into their systems.

4 benefits of Big Data in ERP software solutions

  • Delivering quick information across ERP modules

Big Data such as Apache’s Hadoop has created node-level data processing systems. These systems are expected to fetch real-time data from all ERP modules. The capabilities of Big Data will influence enterprise managers in speeding up their decision-making processes.

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  • Better scheduling of projects

Big data has multi-layers of information available in its system. Therefore, integrating the system into ERP will provide immediate and readily available data to its managers and users. ERP offers a centralized data processing solution that fetches data from all departments and delivers information on real-time basis. As a result, the comprehensive ERP scheduling helps in increasing the project management efficiencies.

  • ERP into Business Intelligence

ERP Big Data is providing analyzed information and actionable data to the users. The industry-specific data is collected and executed after strategic planning for delivering solutions in regards to scheduling, and cost-effectiveness in the project management.

  • Assurance for quality data

Big Data testing is comprised of individual records. The data is split into smaller chunks for detailed analysis, validity, accuracy, conformity, consistency, and duplicity. Similarly, ERP data is channelized, stored, and monitored for accuracy. Therefore, ERP Big Data is equipped with detailed information and authenticity.

Big data is changing the ERP system. It may deliver results beyond the management’s vision and expectation. Furthermore, the new ERP Big Data will offer a host of solutions to legacy ERP software systems. There is a lot to learn about the Big Data system before integrating into ERP; however, the expected results seem to be delivering worthy solutions at reasonable prices. Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) is into software development services in India. We provide cost-effective ERP software solutions and consultations to our global clients.

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