IoT-based mobile app development services in India

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

There is no doubt that mobile applications play a big role in promoting products and services of a business. Mobile apps are capable of powering users’ experience and can help in generating quality leads for the business.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one such technology impacting on the mobility landscape. There are brands and enterprises estimated to invest millions of dollars in IoT over the period of next 2 years. For example, big enterprises such as Amazon and Apple are at the forefront in implementing IoT technology in their mobile apps development. Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) is going to play a big role in the evolution of IoT integrated mobile app development services in India. There are top five reasons discovered that encourage mobile apps development companies to built IoT integrated applications for their clients.

Top 5 reasons for IoT mobile applications development

  • Diversity in connectivity

Currently, mobile apps belong to native or hybrid environment. But, IoT mobile applications are capable of working on different devices, platforms, and operating systems (OS). Such integration can open greater opportunities for the businesses. It facilitates enterprises in extending their outreach by connecting with their customers seamlessly.

  • Powering users’ experiences

Internet of Things (IoT) can power automated devices at home, industrial automation, vehicles, remote sensors, etc. Smartphone users using their IoT integrated mobile apps can instruct devices from anywhere/anytime.

  • Integration of Big Data in IoT mobile apps

Big Data (the massive data volume) integration in Internet of Things (IoT) mobile application development provides actionable insights to your business. This integration assists businesses in providing an insight related to user behavior. It also provides an analysis for powering users’ experiences.

  • Strengthening organizational setups

Organizations implementing Internet of Things (IoT) are strengthening significantly their core organizational architecture and systems. The adaptability of IoT applications services are empowering employees with remote accessibility for operating machines in their manufacturing facilities. Also, employees with different grade are able to use applications based on IoT for inventory and workforce monitoring. Therefore, IoT integrated mobile applications are streamlining business operations by optimizing production time.

  • Enhanced security

The virtual world is prone to data compromises. Hacking, data breach and theft are serious issues on the internet network. However, the same technology has come to rescue from the threats by implementing secure code application and encryption.


Integrating IoT in mobile apps development has a variety of challenges to fulfill. Big Data is itself a complex system that requires research and analysis. Shriv ComMedia Solutions with 15 years of proven experience has an efficient team of developers that can integrate, implement and develop proficient IoT-based mobile applications for its client.

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