Challenges in IoT Implementation & Their Solutions

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) technology is trending and presenting growth opportunities to the software development companies in India. However, with an increase in security awareness; the implementation of IoT services occupy some of the key concerns related to identifying internet vulnerabilities in deployed architectures.

Challenge 1: IoT Data Security

IoT applications are usually built for purpose. Therefore, universal security standards become difficult to implement on the newly built IoT software/application. Usually, the IoT applications & research are supervised in remote environment by using laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Such accessibility makes the IoT devices susceptible to hacking.

Solution: It is important to implement robust protection mechanisms such as antivirus, two-factor authentication, key certificate exchanges, strong password policy, and run security patch and firmware update on a regular basis.

Challenge 2: Hardware Compatibility

Sending and receiving data majorly occurs through a variety of sensors and PLCs. These components available on the board are connected to IoT gateways for transmitting data to the cloud. It becomes a critical challenge for the developers when the legacy devices/machines do not have the device drivers compatible with existing PLCs and sensors during the IoT implementation.

Solution: The solution requires skilled software developers that can identify the physical devices, and develop the associated compatible drivers for IoT implementation.

Challenge 3: Data Connectivity

Data connectivity in an IoT implementation is another challenge. It involves various methods through which the IoT devices communicate to the gateway and send transit data to the cloud. Usually, IoT gateways are compatible with GPRS and Wi-Fi/LAN, but this makes the connection slow and brings latency to the data flow.

Solution: There is a need for developing suitable edge layer that can translate and transport data format protocols to the IoT platform. Defining the right combination of protocols will help in going a long way in IoT implementation.

Challenge 4: Analytics Challenges

The IoT data collection demands for a high-performance analytics platform. It should be capable of handling data processing, cleansing and representation in IoT implementation.

Solution: This implementation requires enough space for extensibility to add real-time or predictive analytics to an IoT solution.

Scope in IoT services

Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing technology in digital transmission world. Software development companies are bidding on IoT projects. There is a need for developing new software/applications integrated with IoT services.

IoT application services are the latest segment opened in software development services worldwide. With millions of data devices being manufactured every week, IoT technology is going to play an important role in managing devices and their remote processes seamlessly. Healthcare, banking, and emergency services are some of the prominent sectors where IoT implementation has become the need of the hour.

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