The Need of Internet of Things (IoT) Data Collection Strategy

Monday, January 21st, 2019

Strategic data collection in Internet of Things (IoT) can significantly impact on businesses performance. The difficulties in data collection arises when the projects’ scales up. The data streaming may seem manageable with a few devices connections yet the storage can become an issue when more devices come online and connects.

Data helps in identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement. Therefore, in IoT application development services, data collection should help in achieving some specific goals. This could be use in solving issues, improving operational strategies, streamlining machinery performances, or optimizing production efficiency.

To define data collection strategy; it is the process of accumulating all kinds of available data and refining it down to a specific metrics. The data aggregated on the Internet of Things (IoT) platform can be used for setting and maintaining data parameters accordingly.

Here is an example of data collection from IoT devices:

There are lights switched ON in an empty room. The real-time data acquired from lights are sent on to the IoT platforms. Along with the ON or OFF data, there can be other data fetched from the room to provide practical solutions to the users.

  • The extra data can inform about the availability of natural light in the room.
  • How sufficient is the natural light (bright day) to keep the room illuminated in case the lights are turned off.
  • Whether, dimming the lights in the room can be useful due to availability of natural light.
  • Is it what time of the day or evening?

These are some of the extra data examples used for describing the essence of data collection and strategy development.

By understanding the data sets obtained from an empty room, businesses can resolve specific problems by correlating data with one another. Performing advanced analytics on real-time data assist in understanding how facilities can outperform. It also enables proactively implementation of solutions before problems can arise.

Therefore, while providing IoT services, it becomes mandatory to consider the data strategy. The strategy includes choosing the right platform, all data collection (maybe less important data as well), enabling optimization of data storage, and implementing solutions to achieve a better return on IoT investment.

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