A Comprehensive Remote IT Infrastructure Management Services

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

Shriv ComMedia Solutions has 15 years of extensive experience in providing various software development services to its clients. However, the software development company has not restricted itself into delivering only custom software solutions; rather, it is also engaged in providing cost-effective remote infrastructure management (RIM) services.

What are the core areas in remote IT infrastructure management services?

  • Round the clock monitoring of servers
  • Incident and problem management
  • All types of OS and applications installation & maintenance
  • Software upgrades
  • User management services (Active Directory & server management)

In additions, our RIM services include all kinds of hardware support and services. Remote Infrastructure Management services enable clients to control the IT expenditures and gain faster, more flexible service systematically.

Our RIM solution includes:

  • Flexible contracts with no hidden-charges
  • Utility-based pricing that satisfy business demands with costs
  • Integrated governance and service management
  • A shift-left strategy for greater proactive intervention
  • Long associations due to offering best RIM support at better prices

Why choose RIM service?

  • Process improvements
  • Faster, more flexible service
  • Lower risk of IT failure
  • One fourth reduction in operational costs
  • A comprehensive global solution

Remote infrastructure management services are not meant ONLY for big organizations. Small-scale industries can also opt to avail RIM solutions. RIM services may include handling the whole IT infrastructure of an enterprise or may include IT management of small part/department of a company.

The primary RIM services include:

  • Checking and maintaining disk space of nodes and servers
  • Optimizing memory utilization and management
  • Maintaining network bandwidth and offering maximum network uptime
  • Processing, managing, and reporting all incidents and problems along with their solutions
  • Maintaining and configuring network routers, switches, modems, etc
  • VLAN configuration management
  • User management services and security administration
  • Cluster administration

We work round-the-clock for ensuring regular data backup, data protection and data recovery in the event of a system failure or an IT disaster. Shriv ComMedia Solutions is software development Services Company that has always provided proactive solutions to its clients. Here, in RIM services, our engineers offer proactive network fault identification, diagnosis, escalation, fault resolution, and network recovery solutions to avoid any network/server/system downtime.

We constantly monitor and administer firewalls, backup servers & devices, monitor performances to keep the IT services up and running.

Hire Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) to get cost-effective RIM solutions and software development services. All under one roof!

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