Mobile Apps Development Companies and their Talent Requisition

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

With the growing smartphone-savvy population, the reputed mobile apps’ stores (Apple and Google) have been witnessing a heavy users’ traffic that exploring their respective store to find out a required mobile application. In addition, there are reports published on the internet that claims about the 10 billion mobile devices expected to be available by 2020. Therefore, the profits floating across the mobile application development market is also expected to multifold seamlessly in coming years.

However, the companies engaged in mobile application development services would face an aggressive competition within the industry. The competition will demand for mobile apps that require less battery power, provide user-friendly interface, and deliver results as per the users’ requirements. There is no doubt, the mobile application development services industry will grow tremendously, but the only companies having skilled developers would be able to enjoy the lucrative perks.

Lets pin-point the areas where a skilled team of developers are required the most:

  • Cross-Platform Development

Today, applications cannot be restricted to one platform. Though, the native mobile applications do have its advantages over the hybrid mobile apps, but, the need of mobile apps working on all platforms iOS and Android is rapidly getting into demand. Android smartphones due to its affordable pricing may rule overall, and iOS may capture the high-end market.

Talent requisition: The companies engaged in mobile application development services have to come-up with new development solutions to serve their clients efficiently. They have to provide cost-effective, cross-platform, quick delivery solutions to the clients. A well-trained iOS apps developers or Android apps developers’ team which can quickly research on the clients’ requirements and have quality experience will be able to handle such cross-platform projects efficiently.

  • IoT Applications Development Services

Internet of Things (IoT) is a trending technology. The developments in IoT segment will help us control various devices around us via a mobile application. The application development for IoT devices is the need for every industry today. Home appliances manufacturers, entertainment industry, automobiles sector, manufacturers of electrical and electronic devices, agriculture sector, etc., are the industrial sectors working on producing machines, equipment and devices integrated with IoT technology.

Talent requisition: The companies engaged in software development services for more than a decade should be the preferred choice of the clients. In IoT application development, the developers have to be well-versed in understanding the hardware, embedded system programming, and of course skilled in developing mobile apps that can match the IoT parameters.

  • Enterprise Mobile Apps

Along with customer-oriented mobile application development, the big enterprises are looking for enterprise apps for managing their resources. Big enterprises, schools, clubs, internet-based user groups, government agencies, charities, etc., are the entities looking for enterprise application development for mobile and other internet-savvy devices.

Talent requisition: Developing such applications require in-depth research and strategic approach. A developers’ team has to have a clear understanding of Big Data management and user databases integration while developing such apps. Such talented resources are difficult to find in technology industry.

  • Artificial Intelligence Integrated Mobile Apps Development

Empowering mobile apps with AI and machine learning integration can bring unexpected rise in revenues for mobile apps development companies. Real-time assistance, interactive UX, search mechanism, higher security, and excellent user-friendly services are the features of mobile apps integrated with AI and machine learning. The AI and machine learning driven iOS apps development and Android applications development services have a bright future in apps development arena.

Talent requisition: A development team having in & out-of-the-box thinking can develop such apps offering personalized user experience, doing user behavior analysis, improving search enhancement, creating more engagement, and ensuring next level in security.

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