Major Challenges in Android Apps Development

Monday, February 11th, 2019

Android’s affordable OS solutions have helped it capture a larger share of profits across the smartphones’ markets. Better features, user-friendly operation, and easy to access all kinds of mobile apps in Google Store are the solutions that have incredibly boosted the OS reputation among the smartphone users.

As per an old data, it is estimated that universally 82 billions of applications have been downloaded in the year 2017. Currently, Google Play Store has 3.5 millions of mobile applications that are ready to download into the devices. With every passing day, the store is adding various kinds of latest mobile apps for its users.

The Android application developers working across the continents are developing different kinds of mobile applications to serve the digital expectations of the users. Such situation has helped companies engaged in mobile application development services to multifold their revenues significantly. However, the process involved in creating, designing, and developing apps is equipped with critical challenges and hardships. The developers have to overcome a variety of hurdles concerning to lack of hardware standardization, and software fragmentation during the development process.

Here are the challenges listed below:

  • Software Fragmentation

Every year, Google releases a new version of its operating system. Therefore, Android apps developers have to ensure that the latest developed applications stay compatible and suitable with new OS versions.

  • Hardware Compatibility

Android is an open source OS. Device manufacturers get the leverage of extending the OS capacities according to their customers’ needs. Each device has its different keyboard format, camera buttons, screen size, authentication system, storage solution, etc. And developing an app that can meet the compatible requirements of all available hardware is another hurdle in smartphone apps development.

  • Controlling the Budget

Developing a successful Android app requires an extensive research. It requires time and resources that result in pushing the decided budget. It is a tough scenario for the apps developers to deal with.

  • User Interface for different Android devices

There is no standard User Interface provided by Android. Hardware manufacturer can customize the interface according to their marketing strategies. Hence, developing an app having a compatible UI designs is a tough task for developers.

  • Security Breach

Implementing a robust security features and developing an advanced encryption mechanism in an app to avoid all security concerns is a critical task. Any security loophole in the developed app could spoil the brand reputation of the mobile apps development company.

  • Programming Language

The most reputed programming languages used in Android apps development processes are Python, PHP, js, C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, C#, Rust, Kotlin, QML, etc. All of these languages have their own pros and cons concerning to features and support. Hence, picking the most suitable programming language for mobile app development is a challenge for developers.

  • Patent and Copyright Issues

Developing and listing an app without violating the Google’s guidelines, copyright and patent regulation is the last challenge in application development. These are the seven critical challenges that Android apps developers have to face during apps development cycle.

How to overcome from such challenges successfully?

  • Hire talented resources having extensive experience in the industry.
  • Handover your project to the team of experienced developers having developed Android apps for different industry verticals.
  • Or, hire a mobile application development company that has served various global clients successfully in accordance to their business requirements.

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