Top 4 Software implementation failures and their solutions

Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Every business is unique and requires custom software development solutions for its expansion and growth. Therefore, look for a software development company that can provide cost-effective, qualitative, and customized software features for your business. Besides this, clients need to scrutinize the software implementation process which holds the key to the full value of an investment.

There are situations when a quality software development failed to provide incredible solutions to the business due to failure in implementation process. Here are the 4 common implementation failures and their solutions mentioned below:

1. Bottleneck situation

Implementation comprises of configuration, integration, user-end testing, and troubleshooting. It is important to have descriptive definitions for all functionalities and features. Often, all such requirements become a technical challenge for the clients, which results in a bottleneck situation.

Solution: The implementation need to have a phased approach. A core team of software developers should implement one set of integrations at a time to overcome from the bottleneck situation.

2. Missing user-friendly functionalities

Software solutions are implemented to boost users/employees’ performances and businesses’ revenue. But, ignoring users/employees requirements related to the software applications may become a reason for the failure. Forcing people to adapt the new style of work results in deteriorating the production capacities of a business.

Solution: A solution-oriented software development services team opts for detailed research before developing a software solution for a company. Software consultants get in touch with the employees/users and understand their needs and expectations from the upcoming software product. Thus, such solutions not only make the software development process cost-effective but also improve the production capabilities of a business.

3. No training and user guides

Mostly, users have to seek the formula of “Learn by Doing”. This develops stress, frustration, and reluctance to use the system. Such scenarios create havoc and dissatisfaction among the users/employees affecting the company’s vision.

Solution: Users will need a level of handholding to ensure they adopt the functionality correctly. Therefore, custom software development services in India need to begin documenting the training materials from the moment clients have signed the software agreement. The company would prepare written and visual user guides defining various features and functionalities in the software. Moreover, conducting a detailed training program by expert developers helps in convincing users/employees about the new software implementation solutions.

4. Custom updates

After implementing the software solutions, there are scenarios when users may need adding some more features or functionalities in the software application. Restricting users within the developed features may stretch the timeline to accomplish the project’s goal.

Solution: There always lies a scope for software update and upgrade after implementation. A software development company providing software solutions along with software consultation is required to keep the production on track. Moreover, implementing Customer Relationship Management solutions helps in building a strong business relationship between clients and customers/users in an organization.

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