Optimizing RTOS to make IoT developments cost-effective

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Internet of things (IoT) is no longer an astonishing vision. From factory automation to on-demand entertainment and to home appliances, it is very much with us now.

Businesses across a variety of sectors have started realizing the potential of IoT. Swiftly growing data volumes, convergence of cloud driven technology, and smart devices communicating with each other; IoT is transforming existing business into new revenue models.

1. IoT is a new driver of business value
2. Enabling organizations to leverage their data
3. Innovation in services
4. Multiplying productivity
5. Improving real-time decision making
6. Solving critical problems

There are many challenges involved in delivering the IoT development services. IoT applications are built from scratch that involves high degree of customization for meeting specific requirements. Such processing accelerates the cost and complexity of IoT apps.

How can we make the IoT development cost-effective?

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) is addressing these (cost & complexity) challenges with a new approach and solution. ”Optimizing the operating system” is the solution that has the potential to make the IoT market bigger by reducing the cost and complexity involved in such developments. The new solution will assist developers to focus on optimizing the core functionality and increasing the production at less cost.

Challenges of IoT

1. The devices are becoming more resource-constrained with rising technology.This rapidly growing technology need to rely on solution seeking to connect,administer, and secure the devices.
2. Developers are required to build devices that can permit seamless connectivity with one another.
3. IoT developers also require addressing security risks for protecting the interconnected wireless systems from intrusion.
4. Developers also have to ensure delivering performance and reliability on the devices.
5. Also, they have to assure device-level execution capabilities and provisioning competencies at the Gateway
6. Cloud-based delivery of software updates

Optimizing the real-time operating system (RTOS)

Internet of Things (IoT) devices runs on real-time operating system. Developers of embedded system solutions need to design scalable, modular, secure, safe, and well-connected feature-oriented operating systems to provide cost-effective IoT solutions.

The operating system must be loaded with features such as manageability, connectivity, and security in embedded devices. By developing IoT-optimized RTOS, developers can deliver powerful deterministic capabilities and processing efficiency into the resource constrained low-power devices. Moreover, developers need to come up with lot of innovation without compromising performance, reliability, or security. Shriv ComMedia Solutions provide development environments to the developers of embedded systems to preconfigured software components and additional integrated security features.


Internet of Things (IoT) has opened new business horizons for business. Also, IoT has brought tremendous opportunities for developers of embedded systems building IoT solutions. Developers who could stand to benefit are meeting the expectation of building cost-effective IoT solutions. They are delivering IoT solutions at cost-effective prices. Shriv ComMedia Solutions is offering IoT-optimized solutions backed by industry-leading embedded developers to capitalize on opportunities in this rapidly growing market.

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