Big Data Role in Mobile App Development

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019

Approximately, there are 4.5 billion smartphone users available in the world. And, every mobile phone user needs various mobile apps for managing, coordinating, booking, shopping, and storing data online. Every year, there are millions of apps developed for smartphone users. The mobile apps development companies discovering the hidden patterns and learning customer preferences are the only entities able to develop extremely user-friendly mobile apps for their customers/clients. Here, Big Data has a crucial role to play.

1. Understanding end-user needs

It is important for mobile apps development companies to analyze the volume of data generated by users on a regular basis. The analysis helps in looking into the relevant insight of the data. Also, it assists producing Big Data solution for the end-users.

Big Data helps mobile apps developers understand the users’ reaction and interaction with the apps. Users from different backgrounds, age groups, lifestyles, and geographies can formulate ideas behind developing capable and innovative mobile apps.

Example: Uber uses Big Data to provide cost-effective cab services to its clients.

2. Drive User Experience Analysis

It is important to understand users’ accessibility and usability on the mobile apps. A detailed analysis is required to know about the elements that cause users to spend more time on the app or leave it instantly.

Big Data assists mobile apps developers conduct a comprehensive data analysis to view the usage, evaluate the users’ experience, and learn about the engagement to each features available on given apps. All these information help Big Data consultants create a list of users’ demand that includes need for modifying features, improvement in designing, and implementing end-user solutions to exceed the user satisfaction level on the mobile apps.

Example: Amazon uses Big Data to help its shoppers find the latest and quality products available in the ecommerce market.

3. Get Access to Real-time Data

It is important for a mobile apps development company to work on data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction. Following such techniques, not only keep the company updated with the changing trends but also multifold its revenue.

Big data helps in observing real-time data that include sleeping, eating, and other activity habits of the users to enable better lifestyle choices.

Example: Health industry is one of the sectors that require apps configured with such type of capabilities.

4. Build the Right Marketing Strategies

With the collection of data concerning to user behavior involving their likes, dislikes, necessities, expectations, etc., developers can build apps with right marketing strategies around the target audience.

By analyzing Big Data, developers can analyze users’ demographic data, shopping patterns, social behavior, and their current interests. Knowing and understanding the given scenarios; developers can drive adoption, fuel engagement, and increase satisfaction of the users’ on the mobile app.

Example: Food and beverage industry using Big Data to target their customers.

5. Enable Personalization

It is important to enable search optimization to make the searching process less cumbersome for the users.

Big Data analysis helps in understanding customer queries, prioritize results, and deliver contextual experience by providing a quick answer to a particular user.

Examples: Ecommerce websites (Amazon, Flipkart, etc) deliver the most relevant products by personalizing the shopping experience of each shopper.

Driving Revenue:

Mobile apps be it iOS or Android has become the attraction of all business strategies. Mobile apps development industry is estimated to reach $200 billion by 2020. Here, Big Data is going to play a big role in boosting app-performance and fueling user engagement for the industry.

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