Artificial Intelligence on Mobile Apps Development

Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a computer science program helping machines to become smart, perform, and react like a human being. The activities that AI integrated applications deliver incorporate speech recognition, critical thinking, learning, and planning.

Similarly, mobile apps developers are integrating AI components into their applications, which is empowering users’ experience on the apps. Gradually, (iOS, Android, and Windows) apps are becoming smart and able to assist users in their daily lives in an intelligent way.

What developers need to know?

First, a good knowledge of Data Sciences; second, understanding of the users’ requirements and accordingly imagining the apps development model. There are mobile app development services and groups developing easy-to-go mobile apps equipped with APIs, Alexa skills, and reusable codes.

In addition, intelligent projects are being produced based on the knowledge of rational capabilities, research, and industry skills of the person. To be precise, the app developers need to understand how a model implements to the specific use or an application.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has five subfields:

1. Machine learning
2. Natural language processing
3. Robotics
4. General intelligence
5. Expert systems

AI requires data-power for processing the systems. However, it also requires human intelligence for answering the questions and resolving the issues.

How AI is helping applications?

1. Personalizing content

Developers have embedded AI algorithm into the mobile applications. The AI assistance is helping businesses in demonstrating their products or services as per the customers’ preferences. Offering AI suggested content are keeping the customers stay connected to the respective business or apps.

2. Improved app productivity

Microsoft Office 365, Delve, Office Graph, and Google’s “G Suite” are real-time examples of improved productivity applications. These applications are available on mobile versions (iOS and Android) as well. The injection of AI innovation into the applications has helped in streamlining the processes and improving performances.

3. Using AI for Internet of Things (IoT)

Home appliances are becoming smart with IoT and pushing mobile apps to infiltrate in our distinctive lifestyle. Soon, our lives will be loaded up with AI-controlled applications. Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana are the best examples of IoT integrated applications.

4. Automated reasoning

The automated reasoning using artificial intelligence is one of the complex processes in integration development. Mobile applications providing automated reasoning are developed on the foundation of various algorithms. The development process requires the skill and science of making computers to use logical reasoning to resolve obstacles, puzzles, and proving the theorems.

5. Image recognition

AI integrated Image Recognition (IR) mobile applications are helping authorities diagnose diseases, identify license plates, and confirm users by their appearances.


Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses achieve their brand identity, leads, and top position in the application markets. Especially, every Android apps development company is trying to integrate AI in their applications to empower customers’ experience. Artificial Intelligence systems have a wonderful future incorporating distinctive mobile interplays.

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