Realizing the Value of Unstructured Big Data

Friday, March 8th, 2019

Smartphones, IoT devices, social media, and internet-enabled devices are the resources responsible for growing the digital data at an astounding rate. This digital data is comprised of variety and volume of both unstructured and structured data, turning it to Big Data.

The information is floating on various genuine websites that by 2025, the worldwide data may reach to 200 Zettabytes. Digital data is growing at every second of every day. The exponentially growing data has captured the attention of various software development companies. Software development firms have started realizing the potential of big data solution and its integration in their developed applications. With Big Data analytics, the businesses are able to make visionary, real-time and data-driven decision seamlessly.

Fortunately, every entity generates a substantial unstructured and structured data from multiple sources in this hypercompetitive business world. However, there is a considerable amount of unstructured data that goes unused and stay inactive in a digital drawer.

Unstructured data comprises of emails, complaints, phone calls, reviews, feedback, digital forms, social media feeds, etc. Analyzing and harnessing the unstructured data is the biggest challenge for organizations today. In addition, unstructured data is considered to be the fastest growing form of data in digital world. Unless, the organizations overcome from this challenge, it will be tough for business to arrive at meaningful business decisions that include customer insights, and sentiments.

• Why analyzing the unstructured data so important?

Enterprises are struggling to understand the unstructured Big Data. Such data usually does not adhere to a predefined data model or fit into any relational databases. Analyzing the data will assist enterprises in gaining deeper into the insight of their customers, products, and services.

• How to analyze Big unstructured data form?

Doing text mining is one of solutions. This technique extracts vital information from unstructured data and after analysis provides meaningful elements. Text mining includes customer comments, queries, Facebook and Twitter feed, emails, documents, blog posts, etc. Furthermore, the outpacing of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive platforms have helped software development services to unlock the large quantities of unstructured data. These include images, videos, text messages, social media content and posts. In addition, there is a need of developing an unambiguous program to find hidden insights from the large volume of Big Data.

Embracing these analytical solutions can assist Big Data consultants to automate the process of analyzing the large chunk of unstructured data. This can improve the production efficiency and also may help in taking accurate data driven decisions by the organizations.

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