Cloud Computing in IoT Application Development

Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) generates excessive data that requires an intelligent way to manage, flow, and store this big data by the enterprises. Implementing the cloud computing technology for analyzing and managing the IoT data helps in delivering cost-effective IoT solutions to the businesses.

Cloud computing provides scalability while delivering the software applications over the cloud platforms. The technology is assisting enterprises to store and manage data as a service that permits data transfer, data storage, and uninterrupted data transmission between apps, smart devices, and cloud.

How cloud computing integrating in to IoT development?

Every second sensors, machines, and devices involved in IoT infrastructure are generating a huge amount of data. Cloud computing is the advice that can multifold the revenue of the enterprises involved in IoT app development services. IoT is connecting people and devices by enabling the communication on real-time basis. Here, cloud computing is playing a vital role in creating a high visibility.

IoT can not be assumed to function ONLY on the areas of systems connectivity, data gathering, storage, and analytics. In fact, it has a bigger role to play in modernizing the operations by connecting the legacy and smart devices. It also helps in reducing the IT barriers between machines and to the internet.

With cloud computing, enterprises can scale up the infrastructure without setting up an additional hardware and infrastructure. Thus, it helps in speeding up the development process, and reducing development costs.

How cloud computing becoming a support system in IoT ecosystem?

Cloud computing IoT ecosystem is comprised of various cloud services and platforms. In addition, the different platforms come with inbuilt capabilities such as business intelligence tools, machine learning, and SQL query.

How cloud computing platforms are assisting in IoT devices lifecycle management?

Cloud services provide 360-degree view to the remote IoT device lifecycle management. Within the IoT ecosystem, the IoT device infrastructure assists in automating many remote processes. Enterprises are able to create software applications that can connect remote devices without concerning about the data security, control, and management.

What are the cloud computing models used in IoT development solutions?

1. Infrastructure services

This platform provides virtual servers for storing data of the enterprises. The infrastructure cloud computing services enable the access to the networking components by distributing the data at different locations virtually.

2. Platform services

The platform cloud computing services help in creating software applications from the tools and libraries. It eliminates the requirements of managing the hardware and operating systems. Thus, enterprises can focus on the deployment and management of the software applications effortlessly. It reduces the task of maintaining the operating system, and capacity planning.

3. Software services

The software services cloud computing platform provides a trouble-free software application development process without worrying about deployment and maintenance process.

The power of IoT development

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