How to tackle challenges in IoT development applications?

Friday, March 22nd, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) devices transmits data, accept instructions from a remote location, and perform as per the programmed-requirements. IoT has enabled the remote connection solution with various household items, automobiles, and other devices. ‘IoT-enabled’ seems to be the future of all devices.

There are some key challenges concerning to hardware, data sense, and security encountered during an IoT services company. However, an IoT services company that has a strong team of developers can tackle such issues in a seamless manner.

Here are the details listed below:


IoT apps’ developers need to have thorough knowledge and expertise on hardware and software (OS) programming. To develop an IoT solution, the team of developers must have hands-on experience on Arduino, Rasberry Pi, MediaTek Linkit Smart 7688 (based on OpenWrt Linux), and other embedded system programming OS.

Result: Entire hardware issue can be resolved and managed efficiently.

Making sense of all the data

IoT devices create giants structured and unstructured data sets. Such devices are one of the sources of Big Data. Here, both data science engineers and developers need to work hand-in for developing robust solutions to have a comprehensive vision and insight.

Result: It helps in optimizing data, speeding up data flow, and delivering the right data for right execution.

Data security

Is IoT devices are prone to hacking? This is a trending question on the internet. Everyone is posting their ideas without knowing or diagnosing the devices properly.

IoT devices has IP console locked with password mechanism and follow an encrypted authentication system which keep the devices protected from the preying eyes.

Result: There are other authentication methods also available online. Security concern related to IoT devices can be tackle quite efficiently and easily.

Bottom line:

There is a need to set up a strong team of developers having expertise in embedded system programming and related application development process. An IoT services company comprised with skilled team can assure for quality and cost-effective IoT application solutions to its clients.

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) provide IoT application services to its clients. Currently, the major IoT projects that company is handling belong to the medical industry. Accuracy and flawless execution are the prime requirements in IoT application services . Our developers are developing applications for home monitor, brain sensors for neuro diagnosis, fitness wearables, sleep monitoring devices, infant monitoring, blood pressure and sugar monitoring wearable devices, etc.

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