How to Integrate an ERP system with a CRM System

Wednesday, March 27th, 2019

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management), implementing both the solutions in an enterprise can guarantee for growth and business expansion. However, the core functionalities of ERP and CRM are different, but their combined integration in an enterprise can deliver excellent results.

First, we need to look at ERP and CRM separately.

ERP software solutions

ERP can be categorized as business management software used in collecting, managing, storing, and interpreting data from the various available departments of the enterprise. These departments could be marketing, human resources, services, purchase, inventory, etc. Therefore, integration of ERP software development services in the business assist enterprises to analyze the profitability, performance, and liquidity at any point in time.

CRM software solutions

CRM can be categorized as management software that handles a company’s interaction with potential customers. It is used in collecting and sharing customers’ data, cataloging customer interactions, and analyzing customers’ data history. By implementing CRM software development services an enterprise can find solutions to improve the customer experience. It assists in increasing sales, improving customer retention, and making customer relations more efficient.

3 key benefits of implementing ERP and CRM solutions in an enterprise

CRM helps in tracing every transaction with the clients and customers. ERP assists in managing its business processes going on across the company.

Benefit 1: Businesses can know about their customers’ preferences thoroughly, and accordingly can plan for business expansion.

CRM simplifies and standardizes customer interactions. Also, it helps in managing sales in pipeline, supporting up-sells, and tracking customer information by creating dashboard. ERP consolidates the information fetched from various functional departments by automating and managing the back-office business activities and tasks.

Benefit 2: CRM is the front office software system that helps in strengthening customers’ interaction. On the hand, ERP assists in fetching the details from all departments to reach business goals efficiently.

CRM being the front-office system tries to hold the customers and increase the sales. ERP being the business management solution provides emphasis on reducing costs.

Benefit 3: Integrating both in the solutions in business assures 100% growth due to precise cost management.

These are three major benefits that businesses can avail by implementing the solutions.

CRM software development services helps improving sales and increases profits, while integrating ERP development services allows a business to be guided with precision.

So, take the assistance of an ERP or CRM development company in India to help your business grow and sustain in the tight competition arena.

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