How implementing IoT Solutions preventing road accidents?

Monday, April 1st, 2019

The world’s population is about to reach 8 billion. This indicates that human civilization is occupying every surface on the Earth. Roads and highways are some of the examples occupied with pedestrians, cars, bikes, goods carrying vehicles, buses, etc. These are generating a huge traffic concerns by raising the risk and fear of road accidents. It hardly matters how safe you drive: it maybe traffic lights failure, wrong diversions, or a confused driver, the chances of road mishaps can occur with anybody. In such scenario, technology is the only solution that can help in protecting and saving lives.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the emerging technology that has possible remedies for reducing the risks on roads, especially in driving. Implementing IoT development services for monitoring and capturing the data of an automobile, traffic lights’ conditions, pedestrians’ movement, rush on bus or train stations, etc., can provide a real-time traffic statistics to the traffic control-rooms. Moreover, this data can be furthered analyzed to capture the useful insights about driving habits that include speed, distance travelled, time of the day, and the rate of acceleration and deceleration.

The data captured through IoT devices can be used for analyzing and knowing the driving habits, addressing the safety issues and traffic conditions on the roads and junctions. The data can be shared either with the vehicle operators for self-analysis or with other traffic authorities to take necessary remedial actions against wrong driving issues.

How IoT services company (Shriv ComMedia Solutions) is valuing human lives

• Improving driver behavior

Increasing population is the main contributing factor to road fatalities. Reckless and distracted driving are some of the bad habits that increases the likelihood of road accidents. In such scenario, Internet of Things (IoT) can play a more proactive role in eliminating all driving concerns that lead to road accidents.


IoT devices can collect a wealth of information including speeding, seatbelt usage, cornering to sharp-turns on the roads and over-acceleration. This data is used in promoting and incentivizing safe driving by sharing the driving data with users.

• Coaching drivers

Using the IoT fetched data in driver feedback tool; the technology can teach them an effective way to change their driving behavior on the roads. This includes reverse detection, spoken word notifications to detect risks, and collision avoidance systems received live in-vehicle feedback and warnings tool.


Implementing such IoT development system can keep road users safe from accidents. Also, it can deliver better solutions to the organizations engaged in managing risk and controlling cost related to accidents.


Human life is extremely valuable. And, we must use technological remedies to eliminate risks and fear concerning to road accidents. Hence, it becomes a responsibility of an IoT services company to promote such groundbreaking and pro-human rules.

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