iOS Application Development – Challenges and its Solutions

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2019

Developing an iOS mobile application is one of the tedious tasks considered in app development arena. Application developers have to face various issues during the development of an iOS application. Therefore, the development team has to plan strategically to defy several critical issues that occur in development process.

Apple releases a new iOS version every next year. This affects an app’s functionalities by breaking its features due to latest version compatibility. There are seven critical issues that developers often face during an iOS application development process.

Issues/Challenges in iOS app development/upgradation

1. Beta Users Testing

Beta testing is an outstanding solution to test an application. Such testing solution enables users to ensure about the app’s functionality, conditions, and failures.

2. iOS Application compatibility

There are various Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iWatch, etc., available in the market. Therefore, it becomes necessary that every urbanized iOS application is compatible with the entire the Apple products.

3. Limitations in Performance and Memory

Managing presentation and memory constraints are another iPhone app development challenge faced by iOS developers. Particularly, developers find complexity to manage memory within an application. A superset of the C language comes with an extraordinary memory management model, which is fairly easy to adhere to and also decreases the pain in iPhone application development.

4. Apps in Sandboxed Environment

Third-party applications are included into a sandboxed environment. It develops a set of app development challenges. Here, the app has to fetch data from outside and defined Sandboxed directory.

5. App Store Approval

Apple has strict guidelines for enrolling an app to its Store. Developers have to understand every pointer of the guidelines before they begin writing the codes. Only, the experienced iOS developers can only meet the challenge and survive. So, always hire skilled and experienced developers for iOS application development.

6. User Interface

iOS devices are preferred due to its clean design concept and brilliant user experience. However, it is a bit challenging assignment to use the screen space optimally and generate an attractive user interface.

7. Screen Space

The user interface displays the core features and functionality in an intuitive process flow. However, the biggest challenge is to manage the limited amount of screen space with an increase in business expectations.

To successfully overcome from these seven critical challenges, clients need to hire a skilled iOS application development company in India. SCMS provides all kinds of cost-effective mobile application development services to its clients.

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