Missing mobile app maintenance? Means losing user engagements

Monday, April 22nd, 2019

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data management are the buzzing words across the mobile application development sector today. Learning patterns, customers’ behaviors, knowing competitors, and understanding the latest market trends are the growing business needs across the industry. And, such digitalization has influenced mobile apps incredibly.

Every business today prefers to develop a mobile app that has the features of AI and needs to attain solutions from Big Data statistics.

Today, mobile applications have become smarter, fluid, and faster. To be precise, iOS and android app development services ; have become a cornerstone of all digital transformation initiatives. To explain it further, mobile application development has become a need of hour for B2B and B2C process.

Here, a mobile application development process can be segregated into two parts. One is the development process and second is the maintenance part. Maintaining an app for years is one of the critical challenges that enterprises mostly forget and end-up losing their business assets in the market.

What are the benefits availed after choosing post-launch-app-maintenance services?

Release regular updates

As per the information provided above, the first process involves mobile application development and launch; and second comprises of support and maintenance service. Unfortunately, the second process or part-2 is always left out due to lack of skilled developers or budget.

Releasing regular update helps in getting listed in the App-Update-List of the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Here, the aim behind releasing an update is to create a holistic brand experience and empower user experience. Hence, it is vital to partner with a best mobile app development company; to get a competitive edge. Releasing an update can be scheduled weekly, or twice in a month. Furthermore, regular updates also assist in getting more mindshare relative to other apps on a device.

It works as the effective marketing tool for marketers and developers.

Re-engineering to improve user engagement

App engagement is the crucial factor in driving a business’s growth. If the launched application is low on engagement level then it is the time to re-engineer the app. When users begin abandoning, avoiding, and writing dissatisfactory reviews about the mobile app, then enterprises need to re-engineer the app or update its features immediately.

Re-engineering a mobile application or releasing latest features assist in increasing the engagement of the app with users. Therefore, releasing an update that includes new features or re-engineer the iOS or Android app help in keeping the users stay engaged with the brand.

Meeting market realities

App world is constantly changing and evolving. It is the time when enterprises have to understand that launching an app is just a technical requirement of a business rather they have to stay relevant in the market. Feedback sections in the app stores are an informative place to find out what works, what doesn’t, and what users need in new features.

Here, business brands have to work on understanding the end-users’ requirements for creating a loyal user base.


Releasing updates loaded with enhanced features, re-engineering the mobile application, and understanding users’ requirements helps in extending the business growth in the market. And remember, no tool has become powerful yet, than the market itself.

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