Embedded Programming & Research

We provide research-based embedded system services and solutions for microcontrollers and systems.

The need for embedded services and solutions came into existence with the invention of microcontrollers. Shriv ComMedia Solutions, the software development company with 15 years of experience has delivered various embedded programming projects to its clients.

The projects of embedded system solutions include:

  • Designing software and its architecture
  • Developing user interface for embedded solutions service
  • Embedding hardware drivers to devices
  • Optimizing the performance of hardware devices
  • Third party embedded solution integration development

Every embedded programming project includes extensive research, in-depth analysis, and testing on a variety of verticals for flawless implementation.

Our skilled programmers work on the technologies:

  • UNIX / Linux kernel
  • Drivers and utilities; x86 virtualization technologies


  • UNIX / Linux kernel
  • Drivers and utilities; x86 virtualization technologies
  • C, JavaScript
  • C programming, Embedded C programming.
  • Pascal
  • FORTRAN; x86 and other assembly languages
  • UNIX / Linux scripting languages (sh/ksh/bash, sed, awk, python, a little perl)

Our developers are skilled in:

  • Specs to RTL coding that include VHDL and Verilog
  • Digital logic design
  • Producing high quality RTLs


  • SoC verification
  • Writing testbenches
  • Behavioural models
  • Automation of verification by self-testing test-benches

Tools & Techniques:

  • Synthesis: Logic synthesis using Synopsys tools
  • PnR: Using Magma
  • STA: Using Synopsys’ PrimeTime
  • Detailed Knowledge of ISO/IEC 11172 Part 3 Audio Coding (MPEG-1Audio Layer 3, MP3)
  • Design for test including Boundary Scan, Memory BIST and other Scan

In addition, our developers are capable of making an SoC DFT-able starting from scratch. Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) has its own research and development centre equipped to develop various kinds of embedded system solutions for our clients.

These are:

  • ARM7 processors programming
  • Unix shell scripting
  • Perl scripting
  • Back-End design flow that include PnR, layout, DRC, LVS using Cadence’s Diva and Mentor Graphic’s Caliber
  • IEEE 1149.1 Standard for Boundary Scan
  • DSP and Matlab
  • Microprocessor Architecture
  • CMOS circuit design
  • Debugging, troubleshooting and research on bugs
  • Performance analysis, tuning, algorithmic enhancement
  • Security assessment and hardening

Embedded programming powering OS (Operating System):

  • OS
  • Embedded Linux X
  • Blackberry OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Mac OS X
  • Palm OS

Devices integrated with embedded system solutions:

Smartphones, washing machines, printers, automobiles, camera, and various other industrial machines

Our embedded programming and research include:

Security // Connectivity // Memory // Energy // System Architecture // Performance // Networking // Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS)

Areas that require embedded systems and solutions:

  • Medical
  • Entertainment
  • Automotive
  • Robotics/Localization
  • Human Computer Interaction devices

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) is a software development company providing cost-effective embedded system services and solutions to our global clients.

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