Social Responsibility

Being socially active is an immeasurable part of a corporate organization. SCMS takes keen interest in socializing in every possible way to make differences to lives of many people.

  • You educate a girl but it improves the life of whole family, community and finally a country. We donate old refurbished computers to schools and charities; the knock-on effect is that it reduces potential waste. We allow staff to take two extra paid days off each year to work as a volunteer. Staff is encouraged to work for one of the charities is associated with us.
  • Recycle office supplies -- SCMS ensures that 100% of all disposable cups and packaging used by the business are made from recycled, recyclable or biodegradable materials. Staff is encouraged to print office paperwork on both sides of a sheet of paper and to recycle afterwards.
  • Car pooling – SCMS gives staff incentives for its employees which enables them to leave their cars at home and move through shared cars or pooling. Those who follow are entered into a prize draw to win store vouchers.
  • Plant a tree -- While planting trees can't be an excuse for increasing carbon emissions, it does help to mitigate pollution. Properly managed tree-planting schemes are good, no matter what the motive is. SCMS encourages nearby organizations to plant a tree in order to enhance the environment, encourage bird life and help improve air quality.
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