Challenges faced by the organizations while delivering offshore projects!!!

Published on April 29, 2019

Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Offshore software development projects are the lucrative solutions for the clients as they boast cost savings, find skilled resources, and get the complete control over the projects. Moreover, the software development firms do their best to empower their clients’ satisfaction.

But, none thinks about the pain/challenges that offshore software development houses face while developing and delivering the offshore projects.

List of challenges:-

1. Need of better coding

Quality coding means which can be refactored; bug-free, extendible, and well-documented. Also, bringing clarity and maintainable context of the code for future changes are the quality enhancement factors in the process.

2. No miscommunication entertain

The language barrier and cultural differences are the elements that increase the miscommunications. Clients won’t tolerate any misunderstanding in the project. Whereas, a software solution provider need to assure that no such issues arise during the project cycle.

3. Unclear goals yet high expectations

Often, clients are unclear about their goals and keep high expectations in an offshore development project. This is catastrophic in the long run.

4. Process discipline failure

Trying to function across dissimilar business cultures can slow down the complete project. How? When a project model is transposed onto an offshore location, the entire process gets undermined. Why? There are no F2F meetings, no brainstorming sessions, and dissimilar working hours. Consequently, issues/problems arise among team members are foreseeable. This is quite challenging, and requires an effective solution while delivering value.

5. Cost savings need of better resources

Clients are generally price concerned and they shall prefer quality over pricing. software development companies always have to stay at the negotiable-end to fetch the projects. Usually, less-expensive hourly rate means compromising on the development front.

How to overcome from such challenges?

For clients, an offshore software development project can be cost saving solution, but for a development firm it is one of the critical challenges that demand best work at low costs.

Therefore, using Task Aviator (TA) (, the Project Management Tool that helps in defining project time-line, quality, resources, and assist project managers maintain budget figures effortlessly can be one of the solutions to handle such challenges.

Clients always look for quality coding and it remains at high priority. So, the software development firms have to follow the best practices during the coding process. The companies hire experienced team comprised of developers, software testing professionals, and a project manager who can scrutinize every line-of-coding for excellent clarity.

The role of a project manager(PM) is immense here. Creating a perfect initiation, developing planning, designing the project model, timely execution, and controlling coding process are some of the skills of a PM. This is how a quality coding can be developed at minimum cost with the help of a sound PM.

In addition, hiring a project coordinator who will be responsible for bridging the gap between the team and clients can eliminate the miscommunication issues in the project.

Also, a software development company needs to have its own research and development team having expertise in software requirements gathering. Such professionals just not understand the project goals but also help in guiding clients for realistic solutions.


Offshore projects always cause a severe pain to the software development companies. Clients’ expectations are always at high, and the development cost offered to the firms always remains at the negotiable side. Therefore, the approach of the software firms in tackling all such challenges needs to have a realistic view of the big picture.

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Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.