How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is altering mobile app development approach?

Published on November 19, 2018

Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in mobile applications is about to set a benchmark in mobile application development.

In the era of technology, where information is just a click away, AI integration will only prove to be a boon for the technology. Right from saving more time in search, displaying quick results, and notifying users through a voice-conversation; it would offer an awesome engaging experience with the gadgets. Engaging mobile users through interactive and learning interface will encourage more consumers effortlessly.

Today, there are software(s) reacting on human queries and providing matching results to the users. Cortana, Hound, Recent News, Google Allo, etc., are some of the examples of AI integrated applications.

These applications learn from users’ habits and display the suitable results on the screen. The learning habits include the number of clicks, research on particular topics or keywords, preferred location, selection, time consumed on the content, etc., by the respective consumer.

Creating mobile applications having integration of AI would bring a revolutionary change in software development arena.

Artificial Intelligence is not a latest development. But, mobile applications with AI are going to play a significant role in making smart devices intelligent.

Learning, storing and reacting to the query of users require intensive programming of the apps. However, the biggest challenge of AI mobile app programming is to include reasoning, planning, learning, and ability to drive results according to the requirements.

Changing mobile application development approach

Currently, a mobile application having a user-friendly interface, and enhanced features attract clients. With the ‘ONLY’mentioned requirements of the projects; mobile application development companies have been bidding and delivering projects to the overseas clients.

But, the scenario is changing. The need of AI integrated mobile apps is about to set its demand soon. Software(s) that can suggest customers, display tailor-made results, manage calendar events, send emails, and do lot more by learning the habits of users are the trending requirements in the industry.

The apps integrated with artificial intelligence would require intensive programming of the followings:

  • Studying users’ behavior pattern
  • Developing algorithms according to different reasoning
  • Producing desire results as per requirements
  • Ability to inform and make changes automatically

A competitive arena having a complex mobile application development process has begun. ONLY - the mobile app development companies having their dedicated research and development team would survive in the long run.

Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.