Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

Published on December 11, 2018

Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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AI in Task Aviator – Simplifying Project Management with Intelligence!!!

Task Aviator is a proficient project management tool. It is appreciated for simplifying the complex work and powering users’ experience.

Project management system (PMS) assists in managing and monitoring multiple projects. A project manager (PM), using PMS has to make difficult decisions concerning to deployment of human-resource, logistics and cost-cutting on a daily basis. Sometimes, there are errors or latency found in managers’ considerations; here, artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to help the managers discover the intelligent and cost-effective solutions for the assigned projects.

What AI is doing and its requirements?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are the buzzing words on the internet. Artificial Intelligence (AI), the technology already has entered into our workplaces. AI is handling automated voice calls - interactive voice response (IVR), sending text messages to the customers, and taking various other official tasks according to the requirements.

However, AI integration into various platforms and operating systems are found to be in the initial stages. Furthermore, the amalgamation of the AI technology into existing project management is a decisive task.

But here, we – software development companies need to take a halt and re-think on the crucial factor that would empower the AI integration into the project management system.

Is it just the hiring of skilled developers – for AI integration into PMS? NO! Not at-all.

Though, we need a skilled team of developers, but we need to focus on two important factors:

  • The successful AI integration into PMS requires years of brainstorming research and in-depth metadata and big data analysis by the developers.
  • There is a need of “Real” out-of-the-box thinking and planning professionals for adding AI into PMS.

Shriv ComMedia Solutions (SCMS) is on the process of integrating artificial intelligence into the project management system – Task Aviator.

Task Aviator is a smart tool. After AI integration, project managers would get an assistance to make intelligent and result oriented decisions for the projects. Task Aviator is an excellent project management system that ensures client to find a budget perfect plan for the projects.

The integration would develop an understanding by observing the existing users’ working pattern. The AI integrated Task Aviator will provide an assistance to the users to act swiftly while handling the ongoing issues. It is expected to highlight the team capabilities engaged in various projects.

Future of AI integrated Task Aviator

Task Aviator stands to evolve both technically and professionally. It will fit into the shoes of project managers to offer intelligent advices for their projects. Also, it will enable end-users get an intelligence interface to do smart work.

The next generation AI tools in Task Aviator would cover a much wider functionality. An expansion of understanding is expected between project managers and other team members. There will be actionable indicators available for the projects and its performances on the AI integrated Dash Board.

Task Aviator – the project management tool is already equipped with enhanced features. Empowering the smartest features with artificial intelligence will enhance the projects efficiency and assist in optimizing the overall projects’ cost.

So, be the part of growth story! Implement Task Aviator today!

Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.