Insights of Embedded Systems & Embedded Software Development

Published on January 17, 2019

Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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Embedded systems are microprocessor-based systems incorporated into a device for monitoring and controlling the functions on various components fixed in a device. Such systems are implemented in a variety of consumer devices. However, the implementation of embedded systems can range from a microwave oven to a nuclear reactor. In addition, the embedded systems are designed for performing specific tasks

Important factors in embedded systems:


A quick response to the events is responsiveness. Monitoring embedded systems should process the signals quickly and notify immediately to any abnormality detection. Specialized hardware is the best solutions that should be consider for monitoring signals and processors.


An embedded system should endure vibrations, power supply fluctuations, and excessive heat produced due to various operations executed by different components.

Components of an Embedded System
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hardware Timers
  • Software

An embedded system program code resides in the ROM. The programs are expected to execute results continuously and should be capable of handling entire possible exceptional conditions flawlessly.

Embedded Software Development

A general purpose computer called host is used for writing programs, compiling, assembling, and linking the programs that comprises of machine code. Later, the program is transferred to the embedded system. A high level language such as C, C++, or Python is used for writing an embedded program. The high level language is complied on a cross-complier for obtaining corresponding object files. These object files use ‘locator’ to obtain the executable code. In addition, time critical applications are written in assembly language while complex applications are written in a high level language.


Embedded system and embedded software development have different and significant requirements. But, the responsibility of an embedded software developer is to design a low cost system that performs the desired tasks without the flaw. Both the hardware and software can have modified algorithms for smarter functionality. The hardware approach improves performance of the embedded systems, whereas, the software approach gives flexibility to the programming.

Embedded systems and software development requires responsible resources for executing a flawless project. This is not an easy task! It requires years of learning and hands-on-experience acquired after working on a various embedded software development projects.

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Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.