The Major IoT Complications - Unstructured data, data interpretation and security...

Published on January 7, 2019

Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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It is estimated that over 90% of the devices will be connected to Internet of Things (IoT) platforms by 2020. The sensors and chips would be transmitting entire data to the respective internet-based platforms.

The technology - IoT is transmitting and gathering data, which is helping people in improving their standard of living – and – assisting industries in increasing their production capabilities. IoT is much about changing the digital world within.

Internet of Things (IoT) services can be categorized into three:
  • Consumer IoT: smart cars, home appliances, entertainment systems, etc.
  • Commercial IoT: inventory controls, device trackers, medical devices, etc.
  • Industrial IoT: flow gauges, pipeline monitors, manufacturing robots, etc.
The complications behind data structuring:

The activity of data processing and data storing assists in improving data valuation which increases the scale and scope for data analysis.

The databases used in IoT data aggregation is the relational database management systems (RDMS), and NoSQL. The relational database works on Structured Query Language (SQL), which is used for fetching interactive queries from a relational database and gathering data reports.

Structured data are stored in relational databases and queried through SQL; whereas, unstructured data are stored in different types of SQL databases without a standard querying approach. This is the juncture where complication begins in IoT implementation.

Legacy systems are well built to handle structured data that comprises of tables and columns (a batch-oriented processing); on the contrary, entire IoT interactions produce unstructured data. The latest IoT applications lacks in reading the unstructured data, which lead to false data analysis resulting in the algorithmic limitations.

Moreover, this unstructured data complication generates two major issues - data interpretation, and data security.

Data interpretation in IoT application

A software development company encounters the first challenge in IoT application development is to develop an application that can interpret with the sensors through a straight/simple process. Sensors are the initial components in a board that gather a huge amount of data.

Data security in IoT devices

The latest IoT applications are coming up with numerous security vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities include lack of verification, authentication, and encryption between devices during data transmission. Such loopholes in data security provide an easy access into IoT devices and systems by the unauthorized users.

Where are we (software development companies) heading in IoT services?

Most of the software development companies are short of talent that can plan, execute, and maintain data systems. Overcoming from unstructured data complications will be a game-changing business opportunity for the software development companies. The correct interpretation of data will multifold the production capabilities of various manufacturing and other industries.

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Atul Kumar

CEO at Shriv ComMedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd.